Program Curriculum for K-8 Certification

K-8 Teacher Certification Course Schedule

This is the general schedule for the program. The schedule may be adjusted in future academic years as the program is typically in a state of continuous change and improvement. Members complete five consecutive quarters* of coursework beginning with spring quarter and attend the University full-time beginning summer quarter.

*Starting spring quarter 2015, the K8 Teacher Certification Program will become a four quarter program, full-time, days, M-F

2013-2014 Teacher Certification Course Schedule

Major Themes 

  • Learners and Learning
  • Contexts of Schooling
  • Knowing, Teaching and Assessing
  • Professional Practice

While these themes reverberate throughout all of the courses and fieldwork, there is also a single course or a course combination focused specifically on each of these themes.

  • Human Growth and Learning (BEDUC 402) emphasizes constructivism but also provides students with an opportunity to learn about several different theories of learning, multiple intelligences, and developmentally appropriate instruction.
  • Contexts of Schooling (BEDUC 405) focuses on the historical, legal, philosophical, political, ethical and social contexts of learning as a way of revealing the complexity of schooling.
  • Teaching methods in the program are primarily provided in the courses constituting the "knowing, teaching, and assessing" theme.
  • Instructional Design and Assessment (BEDUC 416) serves an integrating role for these methods courses within the curriculum.
  • Seminars (example: BEDUC 425) in which students reflect on professional practice are conducted each quarter.

Cohort Model

Our Teacher Certification program is a performance-based program designed around a cohort model. Five-quarter option requires one quarter of part-time study followed by a summer and three quarters of full-time study.