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Collaboration within our educational communities strengthens our resolve and enhances our success in preparing teachers who will advance the intellectual lives of their students while helping them to live responsibly in our racially, ethnically, and culturally diverse society.

The Teacher Certification Program is continually revitalized through the collaborative efforts of the  Program faculty and staff and the teachers, principals, and other school administrators who serve on the Professional Education Advisory Board. This commitment is summarized in our program's mission statement and elaborated in our conceptual framework

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Intern Substitute Certification

Background: OSPI created the Intern Substitute Certificate to create an opportunity for districts to use student interns in the event their cooperating teacher is out during their student teaching quarter (this makes you eligible to sub ONLY for your cooperating teacher and ONLY during your student teaching quarter).  The Edmonds and Seattle school districts do NOT accept or approve this certificate so if you are placed in either of those districts you are not eligible to apply. UW Bothell Education Program will not accept or process the Intern Substitute Certificate paperwork before March 14, 2014 for the K-8 program, December 13, 2013 for Secondary.

Note: Do not print out and send any other forms or go to OSPI’s website for forms.

1.  First check with your assigned district human resources director to see if the Intern Subtitute Certificate is approved by your district. Get approval from both your cooperating teacher and building principal- there is no form for this but critical and required.

2.  Complete the Application for Washington State Intern Substitute Certificate (4028) forms from the links below (forms 4028A, 4028B and 4028E) and send all three PDF attachments by email to Jon Howeiler, in the Education Program office (NOT OSPI).
Note: You do not need to submit transcripts, we have them.

  • 4028A- Complete and sign- do not submit transcripts
  • 4028B- Needs district HR/Asst Supt or designee signature * Some districts  might complete the form and send directly to me, others will give the form back to you and ask that you scan it to me.
  • 4028E- Complete section A only

3. Print and mail with payment the Intern Substitute Certificate Fee Payment Form to the address listed on the form.  The ESD will return the form to the Education Program showing receipt of payment.

4. Get all of the required 4028 forms to Jon Howeiler, via email attachment (PDF) in the Education Program office

Upon completion of all of the above, the Education Program will email as attachment the official Intern Substitute Permit to you and district human resources.  You are responsible to complete any employment paperwork to get yourself activated.

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