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Conceptual Framework

Collaboration within our educational communities strengthens our resolve and enhances our success in preparing teachers who will advance the intellectual lives of their students while helping them to live responsibly in our racially, ethnically, and culturally diverse society.

The Teacher Certification Program is continually revitalized through the collaborative efforts of the  Program faculty and staff and the teachers, principals, and other school administrators who serve on the Professional Education Advisory Board. This commitment is summarized in our program's mission statement and elaborated in our conceptual framework.

K-8 Teacher Certification Program Handbook

2014-2015 Handbook

2014-15 School Placement Calendar

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Education Teacher Performance Assessment (EdTPA)

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Dyad Cooperating Teacher

Resources on Mentoring and Coaching Teacher Candidates

Lipton, L. & Wellman, B. (2003) Mentoring Matters: A Practical Guide to Learning-Focused Relationships.  Sherman, CT:  MiraVia.

Achinstein, B. & Athanases, S. (Eds.). (2006).  Mentors in the Making:  Developing New Leaders for New Teachers.  New York:  Teachers College Press.


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