K-8 Teacher Certification

Our program prepares you to be a teacher who is:

  • Thoughtful and Innovative
  • Ethically Dedicated to Diverse Students
  • Active and Engaged in Learning ...who schools want to hire!

Earn a K-8 teaching certificate in as little as one year

The UW Bothell K-8 Teacher Certification Program prepares teachers who are thoughtful about their own learning, as well as the learning of their students. Our commitment to the knowledge and understanding of teaching and learning is evident in our program mission statement and conceptual framework.

Our "cohort model" program progresses students together through a series of courses and hands-on teaching internships, resulting in an enhanced learning community and life-long professional colleagues.

For more information contact:

Education Program Advisor

"The quality of the relationships you will make in this program will carry you through in your life."

-David Schneider, M.Ed., NBCT, Northshore School District