UW Bothell Alert

The SR-522/I-405 exit ramp to the south entrance of the UW Bothell/Cascadia CC campus will be closed beginning Wednesday, Sept. 17 until further notice. Drivers are advised to take the Beardslee exit (195th street) as an alternative.


TAC Membership

2013 - 2014 TAC Membership

TAC is made up of staff, faculty, and student participants from throughout UW Bothell in order to provide a balanced campus-wide approach. While committee members come from different areas of UW Bothell with diverse viewpoints, the members are not specifically representative of their academic programs or departments. Rather, the committee thinks broadly about technology in support of the whole UW Bothell mission. Members are generally asked to serve for two years.



Ron Ellison, Budget and Fiscal Services

Rob Estes, Campus Library

Surya Pathak, Faculty

David Goldstein, Teaching and Learning Center

Laura Mansfield, Office of Advancement

Jill Orcutt, Division of Enrollment Management

Talwinder Singh, ASUWB

Jane Van Galen, Faculty

Christian Adams, Academic Affairs

Daniel Schmidt, ASUWB

Jody Early, Faculty

Joe Shelley, IT

Sarah Leadley, Campus Library

Mikal Herman, IT