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Attention: This page updated September 7th, 2016. Please read carefully.

Service Overview: UWB Access Accounts

A UWB Access Account is a supplemental account that is separate from a standard UW NetID. It is not necessary for most employees, including faculty, staff, and student employees. All UW employees, including student employees, have a standard UW NetID that can be used for logging on to workstations, accessing email, printing, accessing the UWB Fileservers, utilizing online resources (such as OneDrive or Google Drive), and many other UW provided services.

A UWB Access Account is only required to edit UWB website pages ( , and to access other specialized computing systems. Although it can be used to logon to UWB workstations, access the UWB Fileservers, print to UWB printers, etc., the standard UW NetID account can be used for those purposes as well. UWB Access Accounts are available to all faculty, staff, and student employees of the University of Washington Bothell as needed.

Important note on Email:  UWBIT no longer provisions independent email, and a UWB Access Account does not include email. The UWB campus has standardized on the use of UW NetID addresses ( with UW Office 365 mailboxes for email. New UWB employees may be required to convert their UW NetID email to UW Office 365. Please discuss this standard with your UWB employees, and direct them to Email Service at UWB for more information on Email at the UWB campus and how to request UW Office 365.


 Click for UWB Access Account Request Form


     Before requesting an account, please review the following information:

  • Please allow up to 72 hours for UWB Access Account creation.
  • The form below should only be filled out and submitted by designated program coordinators or personnel managers.
  • Employees for whom accounts are requested must have a valid UWNetID
  • The official naming convention for personal UWB Access Accounts is First initial, Last name (Jane Doe,
  • By default all new employee accounts will have their UW NetIDs added to the campus distribution list (, and to the appropriate Staff or Faculty distribution list. This can also be requested separately.
  • Student Staff/Temp/Part-Time accounts are set to auto-disable at the end of the academic year/start of summer quarter or at the end of the employment period specified by the account requestor. They can be extended by request.

More Information:

  • For further information on UWB Access Account issues including department or title/role changes, multiple department appointments, departing employees, or other general account issues, please contact



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