UW Bothell desktop computer power settings are managed by an application called PowerSave in order to save energy and promote better envrionmental stewardship on our campus. This software has been provided to the campus thanks to UW Bothell's energy savings project (ESCO) in alignment with the 21st Century Campus Initiative.

This service puts computers to sleep after a period of inactivity. Computers should wake up in only a few seconds, just click the mouse or strike a key to wake your computer up. In general, your software and programs should appear just as you left them when your computer wakes back up. Of course, we always recommend rigourusly saving your data just to be safe.

  • Epodium computers are set to sleep after 2 hours 15 minutes of inactivity to minimize class disruptions
  • All other computers are set to sleep after 20 minutes of inactivitity

Need to work from home or having trouble with remote desktop?

Access your email and file server space from your off-campus computer.

For remote desktop users:

  1. Wake up your computer
  2. Follow the instructions for remote desktop


Requesting an exemption from PowerSave