Kentico Training

IT offers an introductory class for UW Bothell web publishers who use Kentico to maintain web pages for the their department, program or school. In this one hour hands-on class users will:

  • Create, edit and delete pages
  • Create and edit text (copy and paste as text, headings, styles, templates)
  • Manage images (insert, delete, resize, set text alignment)
  • Create and edit: web, content, file and email links
  • Practice page management (Checkout, Save ,Undo checkout and Publish)
  • Become familiar with online resources (Kentico documentation, UWB branding guidelines, image libraries)


Before registering for a class you must have an active Kentico account and rights to the web pages that you will be editing.

To request a Kentico account and editing rights your supervisor must send an email to The email must include:

  • Your name
  • Your UW email address
  • A request for Kentico access
  • The name of the files you'll be editing. Files are generally referenced by program, for example, IAS, Business, Nursing, Admissions, Student Life.


When you have an active Kentico account and file access you may register by sending an email to Mark McCarty at