Husky OnNet

Many UW and UW Bothell resources such as the UWB Fileservers, UW provided U: Drives, and the Application Licensing server, etc. can be accessed off-campus by using the Husky OnNet VPN service.  Husky OnNet provides a secure connection to the UW networks.  Husky OnNet should be installed by default on UWB owned laptops.

UWB owned computers: If Husky OnNet is not installed on your computer please visit the request form below, and request Husky OnNet to be installed.

UWB Software Request form

Personal computers: If you would like to access the UWB fileserver from off-campus with your personal computer, Husky OnNet can be installed by going to the UWare download page.

Download Husky OnNet on UWare

For more information about Husky OnNet, please visit the following page:

About Husky OnNet


Did You Know?

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