Calendar Basics

Room Resource Calendars


Working with Rooms in Office 365:

Simply schedule your appointment and include the room within the appointment/meeting request just like any other invitee! The room will automatically accept in most cases (some rooms will require an authorization). You will be able to add the room resource calendars to your calendar view in Office 365 (just as you would add any other person), but you can see the resource’s availability in your appointment request just like your other attendees.

Working with room calendars, and other Office 365 calendars can be a bit different than you are used to. Office 365 wants you to make changes to appointments by changing the appointments themselves and NOT directly editing calendars. 

Importaint: for Conference Rooms, Please include your contact information the the "Location" field after you add the room. This way people can contact you about your appointment (and in the future you can contact others about their appointments )

View a Room Calendar within your Outlook Calendar

  1. In Calendar view
  2. Click "Folder"
  3. from the ribbon click "Open Calendar"
  4. from the dropdown click "From Room List..."

  5. In the search field type "UWB"
  6. The selection of rooms will limit to those that start "UWB"
  7. Click on the room you want (selecting it)
  8. Click the "Rooms ->" button to add the room to the bottom field
  9. Click "OK"
  10. The room will appear under "Rooms" in the left-hand side of your calendar view.


Add a Room to an Appointment

In order to accomodate Mac users with Office 2011 & 2016 it is neccissary to set Room Resource Calendars to "Reviewer" which means that:

Appointments with Conference Rooms added to them will have all details of that Appointment viewable on the Conference Room Calendars.

If you have sensitive information you wish to share with your invitees you can:

  • Send the information in a separate email to only your invitees.

  • Put the information in OneDrive, Google Drive, or other service
    ( within FERPA or HIPPA Guidelines where applicable )

    • You can then share that document with only your invitees

    • and put a link to the document in the invitation.

Office 2013

1. Open a new appointment

2. Click "Appointment" at the top

3. In the ribbon click "Scheduling Assistant"

4. On the bottom left click the "Add Rooms..." button

5. In the search field type "UWB." 

6. The selection of rooms will limit to those that start "UWB."

7. Click on the room you want (selecting it)

8. Click the "Rooms ->" button to add the room to the bottom field

9. Click "OK"

10. Complete your Appointment adding additional people if desired. Once the appointment is sent you will get a confirmation email that the room is either accepted or held for moderation and will appear on the Room's calendar. 


Change a room Appointment

To make changes to an appointment you will have to open the appointment that is on your account's calendar and make changes. We do not reccomend making changes directlty on the resource calendar.

For rooms requiring approval, The request is processed and sent automatically to a Delegate of the room, where the delegate will approve or deny the request. Until the room is approved or denied the request will appear on the calendar as "Tentative". 

For rooms not needing approval, The request is automatically approved for available times. 

Permission to edit a Calendar

Become an Editor

Check the editors of the calendar you wish to have permissions to at 

Or contact UWB IT and we will confirm with an editor that you are allowed permissions to a calendar listed on that page.

Add other Editors

Some editors can add people as other editors, if you are already an editor and would like to be able to do this ask  contact

Trouble Shooting A Room Appointment

I am editing the calendar directly and having some issues?

Direct editing of room calendars are not reccomended or supported. Please make any changes using the appointment itself.

I don't have permission to add to a room?

The calendar can take a minute or longer to load, and until the calendar is loaded you can't make changes or appointments. This doesn't necissarily mean you don't have permission, but if you wait more than a couple minutes and you still get an error, contact and we'll assist you.

When you first add a calendar to your calendar view and you try to double-click on a time to make an appointment you may see this prompt:

You don't have permission to create an entry in this folder.

"You don't have permission to create an entry in this folder. Right-click the folder, and then click Properties to check your permissions for the folder. See the folder owner or your administrator to change your permissions."


More information

For information about adding a new official conference room calendar see: 






Links to Microsoft Office Support pages. These are general instructions for Office 365 and your specific software version may differ slightly.