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Previously to send out mass communication, UW Bothell has been using UWB email distribution lists. In conjunction with the e-mail migration, all UWB distribution lists will be transtioning into UW Mailman Lists. This page was created to help the campus learn about this new resource.

What is Mailman?

Mailman is a Web-based email distribution list manager. With an email distribution list, you can send an email message to a single address and have it automatically distributed to any number of predetermined addresses.

Mailman allows list owners to create and modify lists easily as well as add and remove subscribers without having to know specific commands. List subscribers can easily modify their list subscriptions and preferences.


What is a Mailman List?

Electronic mailing lists (also known as distribution lists or discussion groups) offer a highly efficient way to both disseminate information to a large number of people and hold long-distance discussions among many people. They are commonly used by UW students, faculty, and staff to communicate.

Setting up a Mailman list gives you an email address of the form <listname> A special computer server processes email sent to this address, screening it according to rules established for the list. It then distributes a copy of the message to every list member. List owners can manage their lists, adding and deleting list members and making changes to how the list operates with an administrative Web page set up for their list.

All information provided on this page is from the UW Seattle IT page. For additional information please visit UW Seattle's IT page.


Mailman FAQs:

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Mailman List Request

Mailman List Roles

Owners and Moderators Guide

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What is a Mailman List?


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