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UWB Resource Mailbox

UW Bothell IT provides resource mailboxes for departmental use. Resource mailboxes provide a single collection point for emails related to a group. Unlike a distribution group in which each member receives a copy of an email in their inbox, members are given access to a shared mailbox to see emails.

Please make sure to review the following information:

  • Resource mailbox requests should be submitted by the individual who will manage the mailbox. 
  • The resource mailbox will use the group/department name. (
  • For additional information regarding resource mailboxes including adding/removing members of mailboxes, removing mailboxes, or general account information please contact 

 UWB Resource Mailbox Request Form


UWB Distribution Group

Distribution groups define email mailing lists for staff members. When an email is sent to a distribution group each member of the group recieves a copy of the email in their own inbox.

UWB Distribution Group Request Form


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