Wireless Lavaliere Microphone Pilot

UWB IT is happy to announce its new Wireless Microphone Pilot Program! You will no longer need to reserve this piece of equipment for classroom use. The pilot will last through Winter 2015 and then we'll gather the feedback and comments we've received over the quarter to inform our next steps.

Wireless lavaliere microphones will be left in every classroom that is equipped with one. They can be found in either the ePodium keyboard tray or on top of the credenza-style teaching stations depending on the classroom.

Important things to know:

1) The microphone will only work in the room to which it is assigned. These microphones operate on specific frequencies and they will only work in the room specified by its room label. If you cannot locate your microphone, please call UWB IT at 2-3456. (Please note, the following rooms do not have wireless lav microphones: UW1-302, UW1-310, UW2-228, UW2-307, LB1-220, LB1-205.)

2) You need to turn off the microphone when you are done with class because microphones that are left on will continue to use up battery life.

3) There is documentation on the ePodiums that shows you how to turn the microphone on and off and how to swap out batteries if needed. 

We have a process to ensure that batteries are replaced on a regular schedule, but if you notice that there are no spare batteries available in your room then please call UWB IT at 2-3456 and we'll bring some down to you ASAP.

The documentation that is located on the ePodiums can also be downloaded below:

-AA Battery Lav Mic Operation

-9 Volt Lav Mic Operation


If you need a wireless microphone for use in spaces other than classrooms, you'll need to put in an equipment request here.