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UWB Network Account (UWBID)

Service Overview:

UWB Network Identification Account (UWBID) is available to all faculty, staff, and student workers of the University of Washington Bothell. This account is used to allow UWB employees to log on and access all of the Bothell campus departmental network resources including: printers, file server storage, and other specialized network systems.

Please make sure to review the following information:

  • The form below should only be filled out and submitted by designated program coordinators or personnel managers.
  • Employees for whom accounts are requested must have a valid UWNetID
  • The official naming convention for UWBID accounts is First initial, Last name (Jane Doe,
  • By default all new employee accounts are added to their home department's internal distribution list, the appropriate Staff or Faculty list, and the campus distribution list (
  • Student Staff/Temp/Part-Time accounts are set to auto-disable at the end of the academic year/start of summer quarter or at the end of the employment period specified by the account requestor.
  • All staff accounts by default will have their address provisioned with a UW Office 365 Exchange mailbox. 
    Faculty members may opt out of converting to UW Office 365.
  • For further information on these or related account issues including department or title/role changes, multiple department appointments, departing employees, or other general account issues, please contact

 UWBID Account Request Form

More Information: