Outlook 2010 is similar to Outlook 2007, but has some new features. Here are some things that you want to know when using Outlook 2010:


  • Outlook 2010 has new ribbon that makes it simple to find the tools you need

  • Now the tools are easy to access and all in the ribbon


  • Outlook 2010 allows you to easily use the Calendar, letting you easily create appointments, enter schedules, and even see other peoples shared calendars side by side for ease in scheduling appointments
  • You can drag dates straight from your email messages to you Calendar or To Do List and create an appointment or stack in a snap

To Do List

  •  Acts as a check list, enter items or projects you need to work on and accomplish to create a task
  • You can change the progress of the task and when the project deadline is
  • Lets you set importance of a task as well as reminders for when it is due


  • Searching through your emails is faster, with a search bar you can enter name of sender or keywords in the subject line and Outlook will quickly search and narrow down the possible matches as you get more specific with your search. You can also sort by date, sender, attachments and many more criteria

Switching Between Email Accounts

  • It is easier to switch between multiple email accounts, just click on the desired account and you can easily access all the associated folders

New and Improved Language Tools

  • The language tools are updated and more accurate than ever, allowing you to translate languages accurately making it easier to communicate in other languages


  • Making rules is also simpler, allowing you to easily set rules and exceptions for the rule as well as a run now button, which runs the rule on your inbox's older messages and moves them to the specified location

 Here is a link for a download able tutorial for Outlook 2010. It gives a complete overview of what Outlook 2010 can do:

Downloadable Interactive Tutorial for Outlook 2010

Outlook Overview