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Connecting to the UWB File Server Mac

Below are instructions for you to access the file server on a personal Mac.

1. On the Finder menu, click Go and then Connect to Server


2. Enter the https URL for the network share. The two shares that you will need most are Departments and Faculty-Staff.

 Departmental Share

 The departmental share will hold files that are used by individual departments. You can reach this directly by entering https://webfiles.uwb.edu/departments in the Server Address field. To directly access your department, add your department name to the end of the path. For example: https://webfiles.uwb.edu/departments/IS.

Faculty-Staff Share

The Faculty-Staff share will hold your individual files that are not accessible by your department. If you click on the Faculty-Staff share, you should see a Home directory. Your individual directory should be inside this directory. You can reach this directly by entering https://webfiles.uwb.edu/faculty-staff/home in the Server Address field. To directly access your individual storage, add your username to the end of the path. For example: https://webfiles.uwb.edu/faculty-staff/home/asailer

You may also want to click the plus button to save it to your Favorite Servers list. Click Connect to connect.


3. You should now be required to authenticate. To ensure that you are entering UWB credentials, use uwb\username in the username field. Enter your UWB account password and click OK.



4. Upon successfully connecting, you should see the share(s) that you are connected to in a Finder window.


 5. You should also see the remote share mounted as a volume and an icon may be visible on the desktop.


6. If you do not see the icon on the desktop, open the Finder Preferences.


7. Make sure you select the option to show connected servers on the desktop.


8. DONE! You should be able to successfully connect to the file server from home or any place off-campus.

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