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Please review the circulating equipment policy and guidelines, which can be found here.






Cisco Flip Video Camera: A portable 720p HD video camera that has 8GB of internal storage to hold about 2 hours of video at 60 frames per second. A great simple solution for quick shoots and personal projects.


Canon Vixia HF R20: A fast and clear HD digital video camera with 8GB of internal storage, and 2 extra SD card slots. This camcorder features 28x advanced optical zoom, a 3.0 inch LCD touch screen, and 1080P high definition recording. R20 Instruction Manual


Canon Vixia HF G20: A newer and slightly more complex version of the HD Vixia R20, this digital video camera offers the highest quality recording. The G20 has 32 GB of built-in memory and also features 2 additional SD card slots. The Vixia G20 comes with all the same peripherals included with the R20, plus a remote control and a lens hood for outdoor filming. To view the instruction manual, go to this webpage and download the zip folder that contains the manual.


Canon FS Series Camera: A standard definition digital video camera that records to flash memory. This camcorder features 37x optical zoom, 2 channel Dolby Digital audio and a 2.7 inch LCD wide screen. FS Instruction Manual


Canon GL1 Digital Video Camera (Faculty & Staff Only): A MiniDV camcorder which records digital stills onto MiniDV tape. It allows 20x optical, and 100x digital, zoom with optical image stabilization. GL1 Instruction Manual


Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS10: A 14.1 mega pixel digital still camera that features 16x optical zoom and full HD video recording. With a 3 inch touch screen display and 8GB of SD storage space, you will be able to hold just under 1000 photos. Lumix Instruction Manual


Canon EOS Rebel T3: The highest quality still image camera available for check out. The camera itself allows for manual or automatic focusing and 12.2 megapixel CMOS image sensor. The IT Helpdesk has two versions of this camera with different amounts of accessories. Both kits come with a 16GB SD card which is enough to store about 3000 photos at maximum quality. T3 Instruction Manual



Camera Accessories

Lighting Kit: A portable lighting kit which include three 250 watt lamps along with three tripods. Ideal for lighting a filmed interview, video production, or photo shoot.   


Mini burst 128/256 LED Lighting Kit: A smaller camera-mounted lighting solution for more mobile lighting. The kits feature adjustable luminosity and a rechargeable attached battery. Both the 128 and 256 LED kits also come with different filters that can be used to set specific tone for a shoot.


LiteDisc: A reflector disk to help add and change lighting when taking photographs or video footage. It is collapsible and folds up into a smaller package for easy transport. 


Grey Backdrop Kit: A backdrop kit that includes a gradient grey curtain that stands on two tripods at about 8 feet tall. Perfect for personal or professional photoshoots.


Portable Green Screen Backdrop: A green screen backdrop that stands at 8 feet tall and also has side-hooks to keep the fabric spread taught with about 5 feet of width. The green backdrop is perfect for video overlaying both live and in editing.


Clap Board: A studio clapboard. Even in digital filming a clapboard is still a great way to keep track of scenes and takes during long shoots.


SD Card and USB Reader:  A 32 gigabyte SD card and USB reader that are circulated together. This item can be checked out together with a camera to provide extra film storage.



Tripod:  A tripod that will hold most cameras and is compatible with all Helpdesk circulation cameras.  Being fairly light weight, this tripod is 21 inches when collapsed and 57 inches when fully extended.  It also features a micro-fluid head and the ability to swivel. 


Gorilla Tripod: A small and flexible camera tripod allowing you to wrap it around objects to create unique points to take photographs or video footage.


Accessory Grip Mount and Cold Shoe Adapter: Each of these adapters are available separately for check out, and are mainly used to bridge circulation cameras and accessories. The Accessory Grip Mount gives a top and side accessory slot to cameras that might not have them. The Cold Shoe Adapter is used to allow 3rd party accessories to be used with the Canon Rebel T3, which only has slots for a proprietary format.


Opteka SteadyVid Pro: A handheld camera stabilizer that uses counterweights to help balance and steady a shot during long pans. It features an adjustable mounting plate for precise balancing and supports up to 5 lbs of adjustable weight.


Vello Action pan Grip: A camera grip that is used to fix video cameras and accessories to one easily maneuverable frame. Ideal for taking low panning or action shots. 


Audio Recorders

Zoom H4N Digital Recorder: A high quality digital audio recorder that uses a unique X/Y microphone arrangement to perfectly capture stereo sound during recording. This is the only recorder that allows audio editing directly through its interface, and also will work as a USB microphone for recording directly to a computer.


Olympus WS-600s Digital Audio Recorder:  A hand held recording device with a slide-out USB interface and 2GB storage, often used for recording interviews or lectures. Easily compatible with both Mac and PC.  This recorder records in MP3 format, with support for WMA.


Marantz PMD 660 Solid State Recorder:  A two-channel, professional portable digital audio recorder, commonly used for journalism.  With XLR microphone inputs, this recorder pairs nicely with one of our Shure SM-58 microphones. 


Audio Accessories

Sony Wired Microphone: A unidirectional vocal microphone with a 1/8 inch plug.  This mic can be used with most video cameras and audio recorders.  


Shure SM-58 Wired (XLR) Cardioid Microphone:  A microphone designed for professional vocal use.  This microphone is often circulated with the Marantz PMD 660 or the Caliphone speaker system.


Sony Wireless Bluetooth Microphone ECM-AW3: A high quality Bluetooth microphone and receiver perfect for use with video cameras and digital recorders. Excellent for capturing audio from lectures where the subject is at a distance from the recording equipment.


Samson Studio Condenser USB Microphone: A USB microphone used for recording studio quality audio directly onto a computer using editing software. A pop-filter is also recommended for check out with this microphone to ensure crisp and clear voice recording.


Sony Shotgun Mic:  A highly directional microphone used most often for capturing specific or distant audio while filming. This microphone comes with a wind filter and is best used with a Boom Pole Kit or a Canon Vixia.


Boom Pole and Shock Mount Kit: A kit containing an extendable handheld boom pole topped with a microphone shock mount meant for mounting and stabilizing a directional Shotgun Microphone.


Microphone Pop Filter: A filter used with microphones to soften the effect of sharp sounds and fast moving air during voice recording.


Desktop Microphone Stand: A microphone stand great for holding handheld microphones at optimal height during roundtable interviews or recordings. It is often used with the Shure XLR mic, the Sony wired mic, and the Zoom audio recorder.


Sony Boombox:  A dual deck stereo cassette with AM/FM tuner and CD Player.  This stereo can be operated on battery power and both speakers are detachable.


iPod Kicker: A portable boombox with an auxiliary input for portable devices. This item is a great for big events and large gatherings. It also comes with a remote controller that will allow you to control the kicker from anywhere within the room.


Belkin Headphone Splitter: A headphone splitter with 5 jacks for attaching headphones or other audio devices. There is one hard-wired male audio cable for any computer or audio player, with another male-to-male extender cable for auxiliary inputs.


Computer Headset:  A wired computer headset with a built-in microphone. 


Headphones: Cushioned on-ear headphones with noise-canceling design and a 4 foot cable.


Computer Accessories

External DVD Drive: A Samsung external DVD drive and connecting USB cable. This device features automatic installation and is compatible with both Mac and PC. Often used with laptops and netbooks that don't feature and internal DVD drive.


Ethernet Cable: A standard Cat 5 network cable coming in varying lengths from 8 to 40 feet. 


USB Ethernet Adapter: A USB adapter for standard ethernet network connections. Used for establishing a hardline connection on devices with no ethernet port. 


USB to Mini-USB Cable: A short mini-USB cable generically used by many cameras and other portable devices.


Mac Adapters:  A Mac adapter can be used in conjunction with the Extron cable to connect most Mac laptops to a secondary video source or a classroom podium.  IT recommends that patrons who wish to check out a Mac adapter bring their laptop to the Helpdesk to ensure the correct adapter is provided to them. 








Arduino Digital Sandbox: "A learning platform that engages both the software and hardware worlds. It's powered by a microcontroller that can interact with real-world inputs - like light or temperature sensors - while at the same time controlling LEDs, motors, and other outputs."

Arduino Digital Sanbox

Digital Sandbox Experiment Guide/Instructional Book

Classroom and Event Equipment

Megaphone:  A powerful voice amplifying device with hand held mic extension.  Requires 6 C cell batteries.


Califone Portable Public Address System:  The Caliphone PA system is a complete self-contained 90-watt sound system with two built-in wireless mic receivers, a CD player, and an auxiliary input suitable for plug-and-play with a variety of MP3 players.  It has full digital capability to play and record from its SD card slot with 512MB on board flash memory and is USB 2.0 compatible.   Besides being a stand alone PA system, the Caliphone is a CD/MP3 device player and SD card reader and recorder. Download PDF of the instruction manual here.


Collapsible Easel:  These quick-assembly collapsible easels closely resemble tent poles and are best suited for displaying very light weight poster boards, signs, artwork, etc.


Laser Pointer: A standard red indoor laser pointer used as a visual aid when giving presentations.


Portable Data Projector: A portable device for projecting computer, TV or video displays to a large screen. A VGA cable (included) is necessary to connect this device to a PC laptop or computer. Adapters are also available for Mac users. Panasonic and Sharp Notevison available.


Portable Screen:  A collapsible 40" by 40" screen.  Ideally used in conjunction with a portable date projector or overhead projector. 


TurningPoint Classroom Response System (Faculty & Staff Only):  A classroom tool used mostly for collecting real-time feedback (can be anonymous) from participants.  Each student inputs his or her response using one of the "clickers" as seen below.  Professors can create quizzes, poll the class's understanding of a concept, or even create an exam using the TurningPoint software available in all of the UWB classroom podium computers.  TurningPoint software can also be installed on faculty workstations/laptops upon request.  For more information, contact the IT Helpdesk, Learning Technologies Clicker's Resource Webpage, or view TurningPoint's Website


TurningPoint Response Receiver (Faculty & Staff Only):  A classroom tool used mostly for collecting real-time feedback (can be anonymous) from participants. This particular component is only available to faculty and is the device that collects data sent from clickers.


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