Printing for Faculty/Staff from a personal Mac

You will need

  • Necessary level of access; most printers require Admin access, but some, such as the campus Ricoh printers, require "root" access to install on Macs.
  • The right print "drivers". The driver is the software that allows your computer to communicate with the printer; you can usually find the drivers under a "drivers" section on the printer manufacturer's website (such as and search for the correct files using the printer's model number.
  • If you are connecting to one of the central Ricoh printers, you will need to get your copy code from you program or department.
  • The printer's IP address, print queue name, and model number. You can find this information for the campus Ricoh printer/copiers here.


  1. Install the driver(s) that match your operating system version and the printer model(s) you want to use.
  2. To add the print queues, open "System Preferences" and click "Print & Fax". In the "Print & Fax" dialogue, click the plus sign (+) to add a printer.


3. In the "Add Printer" dialog, select "IP". Change the "Protocol" field to "Internet Printing Protocol--IPP". Set the "address" field to the IP Address of the printer. You may also want to set the "Name" field to the network print queue name.


4. If you have correctly installed the printer driver(s), the "Print Using" field should automatically populate with the correct value. If not, select the appropriate printer from the "Print Using" drop down menu.  Click "Add" and then "Continue".


Repeat this process for any printer you want to add.

*Please see the IT policy on using personal technology for work


Having Printing Problems?

  Reboot the computer, by pressing CTRL ALT DEL keys simultaneously or hold in the power button to power down and back up.