Resetting An Expired UWB Password Online

If your UWB ID password expires and you are unable to come to campus and reset it using a PC, you can create a new password remotely from Outlook Web Access.

*NOTE: this process will not work for expired accounts, only expired passwords. You must remember your previous UWB password to reset it online. If you do not remember your previous password, you must come to the UWB IT Helpdesk (LB2-218) with photo ID to reset it in person for security reasons.*


1. Open a web browser and type in the address bar.

A window should appear prompting you for your credentials. Enter your current UWB username and password.


2. If your password has expired, you will be taken to a window that looks like this:


3. Once there enter your username, old password and new password. 


UWB ID passwords should be eight characters or longer, and must include three of the four groups:

·         Uppercase letters

·         Lowercase letters

·         Numbers

·         Symbols (! @ # $ %, etc.)

Passwords should not contain your name or easily identifiable personal information. You may not use any of your previous five passwords.


4. Click submit. If your Outlook Mailbox appears, you have correctly reset your password.

If you encounter any problems with these steps please contact us.

Quick Tip!

Want to change your UWB ID password from off-campus before it expires?  CLICK HERE to learn how!