Webmail using Exchange 2010 Email

Outlook Web Access using an Exchange 2010 email account.

**please note:  The instructions listed below were created using Internet Explorer 9. If you are using a different web browser or another version of Internet Explorer, your experience may be slightly different.**

1. Click on this link http://mail.uwb.edu or open the web browser of your choice then type mail.uwb.edu into the address bar and press enter. You will be prompted to enter your user credentials. Make sure you use your full e-mail address for your username.



2. Once logged in, you will be able to view your mail, calendar, contacts, tasks, and public folders like you would be able to on any campus computer using Outlook.



**NOTE** - Outlook Web Access using Exchange 2010 accounts will appear this way across all web browsers. Additional themes and settings may be applied by going to the options button in the top right corner of the screen.

WARNING - Outloook Web Access allows users to wipe a specified device that may be connected to their email account. IF YOU PRESS THIS BUTTON, THE DEVICE WILL BE RESET TO FACTORY DEFAULT AND WILL LOSE ALL DATA STORED ON THE DEVICE. If you have pressed the button to wipe a device, please push "Cancel wipe" or delete the device from the list, otherwise the device will continue to reset to factory default each time it syncs back with your UWB email.