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Outlook - Remote Access (Web)

Use Outlook Web Access (OWA), an entirely web-based email interface to access your email when you are away from your desktop computer. You need to have:

  • A connection to the Internet
  • A web browser. Any web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, ,etc.) will work. However, Internet Explorer provides many enhanced features that aren't available in other web browsers.
  • The examples in this document are from Internet Explorer and Windows XP.

NOTE: Outlook Web Access works best in Internet Explorer, but will work in other browsers as well.

Connecting to Outlook Web Access

Follow these steps to connect to Outlook Web Access:

1. Open your internet browswer and connect to the web address The following login box displays. 

Windows XP

Windows 7

2. Type in your UWB Computer login and password.
Windows XP
Windows 7

3. Click OK. If your Username and Password were correct, you will be logged in and see the window below.

Widnows XP

Windows 7


If you use either a web browser other than Internet Explorer the "lite" version of Outlook Web Access like the one below will display. It provides basic email services but lacks enhanced features available in Internet Explorer.

Windows XP

Windows 7


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