Outlook 2011 for Mac Users: Configuring Email for First Time Use

How to setup your Outlook UWB email from a UWB owned Mac computer


1. Open Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Mac.

2. Outlook will display one of the two windows below, allowing you to add a new account.

a.  (If you see window "a," click Add Account. Then proceed to Step 3)


b.  (If you see window "b," click Tools> Accounts... Then proceed to Step 3) 


3. When prompted for which type of account you would like to add, click Exchange.


4. Enter your username, domain, and password in the specified text fields. Check the box for Configure automatically. Click Add Account.


5. Outlook will automatically configure the account to match the found settings and will populate the users inbox with their messages, calendar, contacts, and tasks.

6. A new window will appear that lists which accounts are available.


7. Close this window and now Outlook is fully configured and useable.