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Managed Software Update Tool

This is a guide to using the Managed Software Update tool to update existing software on your UWB Mac.



Mac computers managed by the UW Bothell IT department have a tool to install and update both Apple software updates and third part software updates like Firefox, Adobe Flash, Skype and other pre installed software.

Using the Managed Software Update tool-

You can run the Managed Software Update tool from a few locations on your Mac.

If you have the below icon in your dock you can click on it to run the tool.

You can also find the tool by going to Applications -> Utilities -> Managed Software Update.

You can also find the Managed Software Update tool using the Spotlight search.

During the update check you will see the following screen.

If updates are you found you will see them listed. Some update may require you to log out or restart. The update tool will prompt you if either are needed to complete the updates.

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