Exporting Final Cut Pro Project to Quicktime




This tutorial walks you through exporting your Final Cut Pro project to Quicktime. Before you export:


·         Make sure you have save your project

·         Make sure you have rendered your entire project

·         Make sure there are no unwanted clips or audio tracks at the end of your sequence

·         Watch your movie through to make sure the video looks good, texts are spelled correctly, and the audio levels are consistent.


Export Using Quicktime Conversion

1.       From the top menu, click File> Export> Using Quicktime Conversion



2.      Rename your file. Before saving, click options.


3.      Select video settings.


4.      Under the compression type menu, select “Apple Intermediate Codec”. On the quality selection slide, select “High” or “Best” quality. Then click “OK”.


5.      Click size.


6.      Click the dimensions drop down menu. Select either the 1280x720 HD or HD 1280x720 16:9 setting. NOTE: if you are using a device without widescreen you may want to choose NTSC 720x480 4:3. Click “OK”.


7.      Back in the Movie Settings box, click "OK".

8.      Name your file, select where you want it saved on your hard drive and click Save


It takes a few minutes to create your movie, but when that is complete, you should have a Quicktime of your movie saved to your hard-drive.  Watch it in Quicktime to make sure it looks good.


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