Entourage 2008 Setup

On-Campus Setup
If you are on campus and connected to the network with a network cable, Entourage setup should be mostly automatic. From the Entourage menu, select Account Settings. Select Mail and click the “New” button. Enter your email address , select the Exchange option, and click the next arrow.

On the Choose User ID pane, click OK. At step three of the Account Setup Assistant, click the next arrow.


Verify your settings in step four. It wouldn’t hurt to add “.uwb.edu” to the end of the Exchange server and LDAP server names. Click the next arrow, and then in step five click the Verify My Settings button.

Once your account settings have been successfully verified, click the next arrow. Name your account and finish through the dialogue pane.


Additional Mailboxes
On the Entourage menu, select Account Settings. An Accounts pane will appear, and double click on your Exchange account. In the Edit Account pane, select the Delegate tab. Click the Advanced button under “Users I am a delegate for”.

Enter the email address of the mailbox that you want to add and click the Find button.

Select the correct account from the search results, and hit the OK button. Repeat to add additional mailboxes that you are a delegate for.

Now you should have visible in Entourage both your mailbox and any additional mailboxes that you have added.

Did You Know?

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