Information Technology

Add a Network Printer in Windows 7

This is a quick guide to adding UWB network printers in Windows 7. In order to add a network printer, you will need to be logged into the computer using your UWB domain account, or have otherwise authenticated on the UWB print server using your UWB domain account credentials.

This guide is segmented into three parts:

  1. Adding Network Printers

  2. Setting a Default Printer

  3. Printing to the Ricoh Printers

Adding Network Printers

Click on the Windows start orb and click on the search bar at the bottom reading Search programs and files.


Enter the following into this field: \\printers

This is the path to the print server.


Make sure \\printers is listed and press Enter. A window should appear, displaying all printers you have access to.

Printers are named according to their physical location. Double-click on each of the printers that you want to add.

Once you add a printer, the printer's print queue window should appear. This will probably happen for each printer that you add. If any print jobs are pending, you will see them here. Go ahead and close these windows.

Setting a Default Printer

Click the Windows start orb, then click on Devices and Printers, located on the right side of the Start Menu.


A window will appear containing a list of devices and printers that are accessible. Under the ‘Printers and Faxes’ section Right-click on the printer that you want to set as the default printer, and select ‘Set as Default Printer’.


Printing to the Ricoh Printers

Each time you submit a print job to a Ricoh printer, you will be prompted to enter a User Code.

To set a default User Code: right-click on the printer and select Printer Properties.


On the Printer Properties window, select the Advanced tab and click the Printing Defaults button.

On the Printing Defaults window, select the Valid Access tab.

Enter your print code, click Apply and then OK.

On the Properties dialogue, click OK.

The next time you print to this Ricoh, the User Code window should already have your default code set.

To set a default User Code: right-click on the printer and select Printer Properties.