Information Technology

Faculty - Remote File Access

First, open your preferred Internet browser. From here, you can access:

You can also create a bookmark to a specific folder for quicker and easier access to it.

To access your personal folder:


To access folders for a class:

  • In the address bar, type the location of your folder on the network, which is
  • Now, look for a folder that is named Classes by adding "/classes" to the end of the address. If the folder exists, you should be able to access it.
  • Don't forget to type the ‘s' in "https".

To access departmental folders:

  • In the address bar, type the location of your folder on the network, which is"Your_Department_Name". Don't forget to type the ‘s' in "https", and enter the department name for "Your_Department_Name".
  • To see a list of the departments available check here



After entering the address...

  • To gain access to these folders, you will need to enter your login and password in the dialog box.
  • Type in your UWB computer logon and password.
  • Click OK. 
  • Your personal folder, class folder, or departmental folders should appear in the window that opens. Select, and double-click the folder to open it, and access your files. You can now save directly to this folder and drag and drop files to this folder from your home computer.


Creating a bookmark or favorite in Windows XP

You can save this location in your Favorites or Bookmarks for easier access to your files.

  • Once you have signed in and are redirected to your file directory:
    • Internet Explorer: from the menu bar, click the favorites tab and click add to favorites...
    • Mozilla Firefox: on the far right side of the address bar, click the star icon.

For both browsers, an "Add Favorite" dialog box will appear. You can accept the default favorite name, or change it by typing in the text box, then click OK.


Your folder location is now saved in your Favorites menu.


Note for Windows XP users: Once you have completed the steps above for a folder, you can also access it by going to "My Network Places"

My network places

Getting Help

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the IT Helpdesk at (425) 352-3456 or email us at