Next Business Day Support

Next Business Day Service Support

Network Operations personnel provide a reasonable effort service to the University of Washington, Bothell that includes response support to Sev3 and Sev4 Services. Business Hour Service Support is normally available Monday-Friday during NetOps staffing hours 09:00-18:00. Exceptions to this coverage will only occur in extreme or unforeseen circumstances (weather, illness, disaster, etc.).

NetOps monitors core services and responds to automatic paging in the event of a service disruption on monitored services. During IT Helpdesk business hours, please contact the IT Helpdesk to begin triage and escalation before contacting NetOps. In the case where a Sev3, Sev4, response service is down/disrupted, and NetOps has not been notified, NetOps staff members should be contacted with a ticket and NetOps will respond by the next business day. If a service disruption occurs on a weekend or holiday, there is no support until the next business day. (See Below for Normal Hours of Operation)

Network Operations Contact Information
Login with your uwbid or uwnetid.

IT Helpdesk: (425)352-3456
Data Center:  (425)352-5483

IT Helpdesk
Work requests and notifications

Network Outage Paging:
Pages all NetOps staff for Emergency (Sev1, Sev2) and Urgent events.

Computer Security Report
Computer Abuse Report Reporting misuse of e-mail/computing

Normal Hours of Operation: 9:00am – 6:00pm, Monday - Friday

Network Operations personnel are normally available “on-site” during these times and are available to service all related requests. This assumes non-holiday, non-weather related schedules and can also be shortened by illness or vacation schedules.

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