UW Bothell Information Technologies

IT Staff Recognition


Information Technologies is proud to offer a staff recognition program to celebrate our staff members’ exemplary performance. The recognition program is designed to be fair, doable, and fun. Program goals include:

  • Recognize and encourage the exemplary work done by IT Staff.
  • Bind our core values to everyday IT work.
  • Document major staff accomplishments.

Awards and Criteria

Extraordinary Service Awards--Recognizes up to two IT staff members each year for extraordinary service (but they could also recognize one person, or nobody). These awards may be given based on the following criteria:
  • Innovation
  • Customer Service
  • Project management
  • Service management
  • Professional development
  • Going WAY above and beyond
  • Process improvement
To be considered “extra-ordinary” on this already extraordinary team is a high standard, indeed.
Outstanding IT Staff Member of the Year--Recognizes one person each year for the most outstanding performance as a part of the IT team. The criteria for this award are based on IT values. The most outstanding IT team member each year will be the person who most consistently demonstrates our values in everything she or he does. Check out http://www.uwb.edu/it/about-it/mission for our values.
All awards are recognized by:
  • Recognition party at an all-IT staff meeting in the summer
  • Certificate for the recipient to keep
  • Formal letter of commendation for recipient’s official file

In addition, the Outstanding Staff Member of the Year will have her or his name added to the department’s Outstanding Staff Member Award winners’ plaque. 

All regular IT Staff, including temporary staff and project appointments are eligible to receive awards. Student workers and Directors are generally ineligible, unless the IT Directors Team decides to make a specific exception.
Nominations are accepted any time throughout the year via webform:
Anyone with a UW NetID may nominate IT staff for an award.
Selection Process
The Assistant Vice Chancellor for IT will officially select all award recipients. The IT Directors team will serve as the awards committee and is charged with making recommendations to the AVCIT.
The Manager of IT Services will manage the program, remind staff to submit nominations, and manage any changes to this procedure.