Updating your UW Directory Information


Once you've migrated over to Office 365 and are using your UW email account, you may find it difficult to find other UWB users in the address book within Outlook. To make your contact information easier for others to find, it is advised that you make a few changes to how your contact information is presented in the UW directory. If everyone makes the following changes, it will make for a smoother transition as far as address books go.

Please follow the steps below to allow others to search for you more easily.

Please login to your Employee Self Service (ESS) page using the link below. All of the following information can be changed on the Address tab within your ESS profile.




 To login to your ESS profile follow this link: https://www.washington.edu/ess/

Modifying the fields listed below will make you easier to find in the UW directory: 

  1. Directory Name – Removal of the middle initial will make searching for your name easier in the UW Directory. If you go by a different name (such as a nickname), you can type that name here. For example, if your name is David J. Smith, but your colleagues know you by "Dave", you may want to type your name as Smith, Dave. Removing your middle initial and using the name you go by most often will greatly increase the ability to find you in the directory. 

  1. Department – The addition of "UW Bothell" in front of your department name will make searching for UW Bothell specific contacts easier. 

  1. Phone #1 – Make sure this is your primary contact number as this is what will show in the UW Directory. 

  1. Email - Once you have successfully migrated to Office 365, be sure to type your UW email address into the “Email” field. 

  1. UW Directory Listing Preference – Selecting "Campus Address with Email" will make your contact information the easiest to find. 



To search for UWB users who HAVE updated their UW Directory information: 

First, please note that it can take up to 24 hours for these directory changes to take effect.  

  •    Within a new email message, click either the "To..." button or the "Address Book" button. 
  •    Next to the word "Search:" you will see two options. Click the "More Columns" button. 
  •    Type the name of the person you are trying to send email to in the Search field. 
  •    If you expand the Address Book window, you will see a "Department" column. Once the person you are searching for has updated their UW Directory information, you will see the words "UW Bothell" before their department name. 
  •    Another option is clicking on "Advanced Find" and typing in the name of the person you're looking for and then in the "Department" field, type UW Bothell.