Cloud Email and File Server Migration

Cloud Email and File Server Migration Information

UWB IT is conducting a series of presentations and talks with the campus to gather feedback for faculty and staff on how they use our current email and file server. We are doing this so that we can gather a better idea of which cloud service (Google or Microsoft) will better fit the needs of this campus.


Why are we migrating?

  • In order to best serve the campus, we need an email and file storage solution with  larger capacity and more flexibility. This will help keep up with the projected growth of the UW Bothell campus.

Timeline of the project.

  • Currently we are gather feedback from the campus to generate a report to provide to the chancellor. UWB IT's plan on having this done by the end of the Spring 2014 quarter.
  • Once a decision has been made on which cloud platform to recommend for campus use by the chancellor, UWB IT will form a transition timeline and share that with the campus.

Changes that will happen.

  • Your email address will transition to your email address.
  • UWB IT's plan is to forward your email address to your netid email adress for 1-2 years to help with this transistion.
  • Your log on credentials will transition to for login onto computers on campus.

Things that will not change.

  • The use of Outlook or other email programs will not go away.
  • The use of Microsoft Office will not go away.
  • Access to email and files from any computer connected to the internet should become easier with this change.

Provide your feedback!


Links to learn more:

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