Microsoft Office 365 Migration


The University of Washington Bothell is moving to
Microsoft Office 365 for Business!


What is Microsoft Office 365 for Business?


Why are we migrating?

  • At the rate UW Bothell is growing, it is no longer feasible to rely on our limited, locally hosted email and file storage servers. In order to best serve the campus, we need an email and file storage solution with a larger capacity and more flexibility. Microsoft Office 365 will help us keep up with the projected growth of the UW Bothell campus as it has the capability of growing with us.


Timeline of the project:



Some features that will change:

  • Your email address will transition to your email address.
  • UWB IT's plan is to forward your email address to your netid email adress for 1-2 years to help with this transistion.
  • Your log on credentials will transition to for login onto computers on campus.
  • Moving away from the File Server and utilizing Microsoft One Drive (which offers 1 tb of storage).
  • By switching to using our NetIDs, we will be able to collaborate across campuses (with Seattle and Tacoma) more easily in regards to calendar sharing.
  • You will experience a much improved email spam filtering system.
  • A 50GB inbox, which is 25 times larger than our current UW Exchange local mailbox


Some features that will not change:

  • The use of Outlook or other email programs will not go away.
  • The use of the Microsoft Office suite will not go away and will be enhanced by the ability to access and edit documents in certain programs online.
  • Access to email and files from any computer connected to the internet should become easier with this change.
  • UWB IT will work with you to migrate your current information on your UWB profile to your NetID profile.
  • The ability to use remote desktop.
  • This change will not affect Kentico web editing in any way.


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