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Migrating Vacation & Room Calendars

Office 365

Public Folders have been traditionally used for Vacation & Room Calendars. You would create your meeting or put your vacation on your personal calendar then you would have to go to the public folder and make a separate appointment on the Vacation Calendar or Conference Room Calendar. Room and Vacation calendars that were in use in Public Folders will be migrated into Office 365 into their own account, much like yours and mine.

In Office 365, room or vacation calendars are referred to as resources. After April 23rd you will simply schedule your appointment and include the resource within your meeting invite! The resource will automatically accept in most cases (some rooms will require authorization). You will be able to add the resource calendars to your calendar view in Office 365 just like you would view any other persons calendar. Additionally, you can see the resource’s availability directly in your appointment request just like your other attendees.

When: Thursday April 23rd*,

April 22nd Wed. Make sure your scheduling is done

April 23rd Thurs. Transfer will occur, no appointments will be accepted

April 24th Fri. Scheduling will resume

What: Public folders are being migrated to Office 365

Why: The move to Office 365

How: Reserve a Room or use a Vacation Calendar

Where: in an inbox near you!

Important: Do not use the new calendars until AFTER April 23rd. Please continue to login to and use the Public Folder Calendars. If you need instructions on accessing Public Folders visit our project website:

For more information on which Public Folders are migrating, visit

For more info on how to include Room or Vacation Calendars in your appointments visit

Upcoming Email Migration Info Sessions:

We have no more scheduled email migration info sessions. We encourage all faculty, staff and student staff to view the video of the info session below.


Office 365 Email Migration Info Session PowerPoint


Campus Email Migration Schedule

  • Thursday, March 19 - ASUWB, Advancement & External Relations, Student Affairs
  • Thursday, March 26th - Academic Affairs, Administration & Planning, Facility Services, Office of Research, Office of the Chancellor, Security and Campus Safety
  • Thursday, April 9th  – CUSP, General Faculty Organization, School of STEM, School of Nursing & Health Studies, School of Educational Studies
  • Thursday, April 23rd - School of Business, School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences


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