Mission and Values

University of Washington Bothell
Information Technologies
Mission and Values Statement
We work in collaboration with the campus community towards the fulfillment of UW Bothell’s mission and strategic priorities through the innovative application of technology in support of teaching, learning, research, and university business with creativity, vigor, and strategic focus.

These values are our deeply held feelings about the way we approach our work. The University shapes lives in a positive, meaningful, and enduring way; these values shape our contribution to that work.

In Information Technologies, we value:

- Helping people. As our deepest underlying value, everything else is based on it.

- Having a collaborative spirit and working as a diverse team. We are stronger, smarter, more capable, and better at our jobs when there is a diversity of voices at the table.

- A results-oriented work ethic. We care about our outcomes, articulate our objectives, and hold ourselves accountable for achieving them.

- Being creative, innovative, and curious. We keep learning and growing, and we apply our creativity to our work. We don’t get bored because we’re always evolving. We like challenges.

- Providing strategic leadership. We take our seat at the table seriously. We contribute to campus conversations, direction-setting, and decision-making at all levels.

- Having fun. We like what we do, and we believe we are more productive and effective when we have fun doing it.

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