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Balancing your academic and personal life can be stressfull, but you don't have to navigate through it alone. UW Bothell's academic advisors, faculty, staff, your peers and the Bothell community are here to help you. CIE has gathered the following information to guide you to the resources available that will support your academic and personal success at UW Bothell.

How Do I?... Guide for Newly Admitted Students

This guide provides contact information to help you get connected to the appropriate office that address incoming international students' most commonly asked questions.

First Year & Pre-Major Frequently Asked Questions

This list of helpful information about course registration, majors/minors, grading options, etc.

Quick Link to Campus Resources

Find quick links to on-campus resources related to course enrollment, tuition, tutoring services, writing services, career center, transporation, and more! 

Writing Support for Non-Native English Speakers

This handbook is filled with resources designed to provide practical guidelines and strategies to help students be successful in their academic endeavors.

How to Apply for Your Driver's License or State ID

Using a Washington State ID as an easy, safe and legal way of showing your identity for general purposes, rather than your passport. Please always keep your passport and other immigration documents in a safe place. Additional Information: WA State Department of Licensing Office

Inviting Family Members to the U.S.

This handout can help you - as a student in the U.S. - understand how you can support your family members or friend's tourist visa to visit the U.S. 

Change to F1 Immigration Status

If you are presently on a non-immigrant visa status and would like to change to a F-1 visa status, you will need to apply for a Change of Status and CIE can help you.

F1 Visa & SEVIS Fee

H-1B (Work) Visa

After earning a degree from a U.S. institution and completing Optional Practical Training (OPT), many students are eligible for the H-1B visa. You may be eligible if you are planning to work for an employer in the U.S. in a position that requires a bachelor's degree or higher, and you have earned a degree in a field related to the positon. An employer must apply for the H-1B visa on behalf of the employee during the annual application period.

Our office is not able to advise on the application process, but strongly encourage you to contact a local immigration attorney (see list below) and read the official USCIS H-1B Visa Guide.

Green Card (Permanent Residency)

The most common paths for students to permanent residency is through a job or marriage. Our office is not able to advise on the application process, but strongly encourage you to contact a local immigration attorney (see list below) and visit the official USCIS website for guidance on green card eligability, and application process.

Immigration Attorneys

U.S. Culture

Things to Do