Center for International Education

Immigration Documents

Carry Immigration Documents at All Times

Federal law requires you to carry "registration" documents at all times, including your immigration documents. You should keep your original immigration documents in a secure location, and carry copies of your immigration documents for day-to-day purposes. However, if you are traveling within/outside the U.S. you must carry your original immigration documents with you. Keep photocopies of all your documents in a separate location in the event your documents are lost or stolen.


Your passport must be valid for 6 months into the future at all times while in the U.S. You should contact the consulate of your home country if your passport will be expiring. Report a lost or stolen passport to the police right away, as your government may require a police report before issuing a new passport. A list of foreign consulates located in the U.S. is available on our Resource page

Form I-20: Certificate of Eligibility

An I-20 is issued by the U.S. school you attend and allows you to apply for an F-1 visa, enter/re-enter the U.S. to pursue your program of study, and prove you are in the U.S. legally.

The information on your I-20 must remain current at all times throughout your study.
Contact our office immediately if:

  • There are changes to your field of study (major/minor) or legal name.
  • You cannot complete your program before the program end date. You must complete and submit the Program Extension Form prior to the end date with the Center for International Education. 
  • You will graduate before the program end date. You must contact the Center for International Education in order to change the program end date.

F-1 Visa

Your F-1 visa is permission to enter the U.S. as a student, and can be expired while you remain in the U.S. to pursue your program of study. A visa can only be secured at a U.S. consulate, and ISS recommends that you apply in your home country. A list of U.S. consulates worldwide are available on our Resource page

I-94 Electronic Record

The I-94 electronic record and a current I-20 are what allow you to remain in the United States as an F-1 student. You will have an electronic I-94 record, which documents that dates every time you enter and leave the U.S.. The I-94 record is the only way to prove that you have entered the U.S. legally. You can obtain your I-94 record at . A stamp with the date/place you entered the U.S. legally should be placed in your passport at the Port of Entry.