Past Workshops

Student Workshops at the Inspire STEM Festival

  • FIRST Tech Challenge Robotics
  • STEM Songs: Not Just Child's Play
  • Fun with Physics! (Buoyancy, Currents, and Circuits)
  • Painting with Natural Pigments
  • The Chemistry of Pancakes
  • Ocean Circulation and Climate Change
  • Fun with Circuits: Introduction to Soldering
  • Nails in our breakfast cereal?! (Separating components of a mixture)
  • The Ins and Outs of Xbox Hardware Development
  • An Orca's Tale: Pollution in the Puget Sound
  • A Day in the life (Evolution through the eyes of gut bacteria)
  • Using iPads to Collect Geoscience Data
  • How bacteria cells dance and listen to each others' signals
  • Launch This! (Constructing Catapults)
  • Hidden Computers (Understanding Embedded Systems)
  • Molecular Madness (STEM careers game)
  • Search for Pentagonal Tilings (Mathematical Tiling)
  • Science Behind Chocolate
  • Fun with Physics! (Understanding Electrical Charges)
  • Guided Tour of the Universe (StoryDome)
  • Robots in Space!
  • You Are What You Eat: Just what is food, anyway?
  • Build a Solar Panel!
  • Chimes of Gravity (Understanding Gravity)
  • GSI: Geological Scene Investigation, an Introduction to Geology
  • Dawn of the Net: Origin and Engineering of the Internet
  • Build an Underwater Robot (ROV)
  • Inside Out Organ Presentation
  • Insect Safari
  • Robotics: Learn to Build and Program Your Own Robot
  • Learn to Program Your Own Game
  • The Ebola Virus and Contagious Diseases
  • The Human Swiss-Army Knife & The Importance of Skills & Tools: Knowledge is Power!
  • Pre-Halloween Intro to Video Games, with Ghosts
  • Deconstructing Barbie: Explorations in Math and the Media
  • Easy Science Experiments you can do at Home
  • Digital Footprint & Cyberbullying

Parent Workshops at the Inspire STEM Festival

  • Inspired at the WSSEF
  • The Diversity Imperative
  • Scams, Shams & Identity Theft
  • STEM Careers and College Pathways


Parents may register themselves for workshops catered towards them. Alternatively, parents who sign up as volunteers for the event will be allowed attend the parent workshops.