Experiential Learning

BIS 495 IAS Internship Course

The IAS Internship course BIS 495 is designed for students interested in linking their classroom education to practice-based learning in local for-profit, not-for-profit, and governmental organizations.

The course allows students to apply the knowledge and skills gained in the IAS program (creative problem solving, collaboration, critical analysis and thinking, interdisciplinary research) to a variety of work environments. Students will be encouraged to use the internship experience to analyze and assess potential employment opportunities and career paths.

BIS 495 is a variable credit course. Credit loads vary with weekly hours logged at your internship site: 2 credits (4-6 hours); 3 credits (7-9 hours); 4 credits (10-12 hours); 5 credits (12-14 hours); 6 credits (15 hours or more).

Students are responsible for finding their own internship. In the past, students have found it useful to pair an internship with an appropriate 5-credit course for 7-11 credits.  Students may also extend their internships with other appropriate course work. Career Center staff can assist you in your search. They are also available to help you find non-academic internships.

Application Dates

Applications are due no later than one week before the quarter starts. Please contact the Internship Advisor (internships@uwb.edu) for more information. Apply now!


  • IAS students in the program's BA and the BS degree options.
  • Must have an internship set up (the Career Center can help) before applying.
  • Must have taken BIS 300.
  • Be in good academic standing.


  • Participate in three mandatory, on-campus class sessions. See time schedule for dates.
  • Facilitate a site visit with the Internship Advisor.
  • Academic credit is determined by hours per week at your chosen internship site.
  • Complete weekly electronic writing assignments that integrate the course readings and your internship experiences.
  • Present a final poster based on your experiences in the course to an audience of students, UW staff and IAS faculty.

Class Information

  • Variable credit course (2-6 credits). 
  • The grading is Credit/No Credit.
  • May count toward electives or toward the 20 additional IAS credits. 
  • Can only be taken once.
  • Offered autumn, winter, spring and summer quarters.
  • Sample BIS 495 Syllabus (Winter 2013) 

Class Forms



For more information, contact the Career Center internships@uwb.edu or (425) 352-5210.