BIS 403 Washington, D.C. Human Rights Seminar Application

Due on April 13th, 2018
The Washington, D.C. Human Rights Seminar (BIS 403) is a part of the human rights emphasis in the Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences program and will be taught as a research seminar for the academic year 2018. The course has been a part of the curriculum since 1990 and focuses on the construction of human rights policy at the national and international levels, with a particular emphasis on engaging with the policy-making process in Washington, D.C. Students spend a week in the U.S. Capital, meeting with legislators, federal agencies (such as the Department of Defense and the Department of State), human rights NGOs, foreign embassies, and think tanks to investigate human rights violations and possible policy responses. The course will study United States human rights policy, its formation, articulation, and effects on countries and peoples around the world. Our approach will be interdisciplinary with an emphasis on how power is produced, distributed, and consumed within the policy process. Attention will also be given to the philosophical, historical, cultural, and economic aspects of human rights and the human rights movement in the modern era. The course will promote the analytical skills associated with original research in the policy process. This course also satisfies the Interdisciplinary Practice and Reflection (IPR) requirement.


  • Program Fees ($675):Room and board at conference center
  • Round trip airfare to D.C. (variable; students arrange travel to D.C. on their own)
  • Texts and materials (approximately $100)
  • Tuition (variable--depends on number of credits for fall quarter)
  • Incidentals and extra day(s) in D.C. (variable; but estimated at $100)
Student Information


Full name and gender is required for security clearance purposes to visit the Pentagon

Are you minoring Human Rights? Or are you planning to declare a Human Rights minor?: Required

Course Information Have you taken any UW Bothell courses relevant to Washington, D.C. Human Rights Seminar? Please list the courses (including the course prefix and number) below.: Required

Dietary Restrictions Required
Medical Condition Restriction The program is a week of intense work in groups that includes timely movement between activities around the city of Washington, D.C. using a variety of transportation modes. Some days the schedule runs from early morning until late into the evening. Are there any medical conditions that would prevent you from fully participating in all the activities of the program?: Required

Security Question   Security Question: Required 

If you have any questions, please contact Jung Lee