UW Bothell Policy Journal

A Cross-Disciplinary Collection of Student Research and Analysis

Call For Submissions

The Editorial Board of the UW Bothell Policy Journal is continuously accepting submissions for an upcoming edition. The Journal is a compilation of work submitted and published by students of the University of Washington Bothell. Submissions should be the culmination of any research conducted within the timeline of a student's enrollment at UW Bothell. 

Submissions for the 2011 publication are due by March 30th, 2011.

The priority deadlines for the 2011 publication is March 1st, 2011.

Mission Statement: UW Bothell Policy Journal seeks to publish research on a broad range of policy topics spanning all disciplines, levels of analysis, and national contexts. The Journal's goal is to introduce fresh ideas and new voices from around the campus on critical shared local and global issues by providing a space for student-authored research to inform how we think about all areas of policy. With collaboration from the Writing Center, it offers an opportunity for students to hone their writing skills and emerge as more effective writers.

It is expected that papers include a clear description of their relationship to policy. These relationships might include:

Policy design and formulation

  • Policy implementation
  • Policy analysis
  • Broad discussion of the implications of a specific policy or polices

All submissions are treated as anonymous during the review process. Papers accepted may be returned for revision before final publication.


We invite submissions of any length up to 7,500 words.

All submissions should be documented according APA format using the most current edition available. If you have questions about format or would like help in editing, proofing, etc., you may contact the Writing Center.

All submissions should be in Microsoft Word format attached to an email with the following information:

  • Name
  • Telephone number 
  • Email address
  • Title of submission
  • UW Bothell course number




Priority due date March 1st, 2011

Final due date March 30th, 2011

Submit now.