Research Centers

IAS faculty members direct two externally-funded research centers. These centers produce and disseminate nationally and internationally significant research in their field, contribute to the intellectual vitality of the school, and provide research opportunities for IAS graduate and undergraduate students.

The Center for Educational Data & Research (CEDR) is directed by IAS research professor Dan Goldhaber. CEDR links educational research, policy, and practice by conducting high-quality research and broadly disseminating it. CEDR's goal is to give policymakers the hard evidence they need to make good choices for children. See CEDR's website for more information about the Center.

The Center on Reinventing Public Education (CRPE) was founded by IAS research professor Paul Hill. CRPE seeks ways to make public education more effective, especially for disadvantaged students. The Center's goal is to make it possible for great educators and programs to do their best work with students.See CRPE's website for more information about the Center.