IAS Faculty Leadership

Please contact the IAS Faculty Leadership if you have any questions, concerns or ideas about the School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences:

Bruce Burgett, Dean, School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences
Deirdre Vinyard, Associate Dean for Curriculum Development and Innovation
Mira Shimabukuro, Associate Dean for Diversity and Equity

IAS Faculty

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IAS Staff

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Curricular Areas

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American & Ethnic Studies

Berger, Kurashige (Faculty Co-coordinators), Aanerud, AliAtkinson, Banks, Bragin, Burgett, Caplow, Dana, FustéGoldstein, Gustafson, Harewood, Kim, Murr, Padilla, Pedersen, Quiray Tagle, Roberts, ShimabukuroSuganoWalsh, WangWatts
Research Librarian: Dani Rowland
American & Ethnic Studies Home Page

Community Psychology

Stewart and Udell (Faculty Coordinator), Brooks, Carlisle, Collins, Hartmann, Hillyard, Jung, Lanza, Lichty, McGuire, Silva
Research Librarian: Michael Mungin
Community Psychology Home Page

Culture, Literature & the Arts

Kurian (Faculty Coordinator), Borsuk, Burgett, Caplow, Carpenter, DeSmet, Dowling, FerreiraGoldsteinHeuvingHiebert, KellejianMartin, Milutis, PedersenSpeigler, VinyardWatts
Research Librarian: Leslie Hurst
Culture Literature and the Arts Home Page

Environmental Science

Lambert (Faculty Coordinator), Crandell, GoldGroom, HillyardLopez, Price, Romero, Shinneman, StokesTurnerValdez, Research Librarian: Rob Estes
Environmental Science Home Page

Environmental Studies

Groom (Faculty Coordinator), AtkinsonCarpenterCram, Crandell, Gardner, Gold, Jung, LambacherLambertLopez, Price, Rivera, Romero, Shinneman, Stokes, Turner, ValdezResearch Librarian: Rob Estes

>>Environmental Studies Home Page

Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies

Shayne (Faculty Coordinator), Aanerud, Ali, Berger, Berliner, Vicky Breckwich VasquezcárdenasDeSmetKellejian, Kurian, Lanza, Leissle, Lerum, Lichty, Murr, PadillaPedersen, Power-Sotomayor, Quiray Tagle, Redwood, Robert, Rosenberg, Wang
Research Librarian: Penelope Wood
Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies

Global Studies

Gardner (Faculty Coordinator), AliAnderson, BurgettS. Charusheela, Crane, Dana, Danby, DeSmet, FerreiraFusté,  GriffinGroom, Harewood, Jacoby, Kim, Kochis, Kurashige, Kurian, LambacherLeissle,  ShayneSuganoTang 
Research Librarian: Chelsea Nesvig
Global Studies Home Page

Individualized Study

Watts (Faculty Coordinator)
Individualized Studies Home Page

Interactive Media Design

Bodle and Kochanski (Faculty Co-coordinators), AvnisanBorsuk, Burgettcárdenas, HillyardMartin, Nash, Pace, Socha, Sung
Research Librarian: Nia Lam
Interactive Media Design Home Page

Interdisciplinary Arts

Hiebert (Faculty Coordinator), AliAvnisanBodle, Borsuk, Bragin, Caplow, CarpenterDeSmetDoyle, Hathaway, HeuvingHsu, Lambert, Martin, Milutis, NoahPace, Power-SotomayorSugano 
Research Librarian: Laura Dimmit
Interdisciplinary Arts Home Page

Law, Economics & Public Policy

Carlisle and Twinam (Faculty Coordinator), Berger,  S. Charusheela, D'Hondt, Danby, GriffinJacoby, Kim, Nitta, StreichlerVaughanWalshWangWest
Research Librarian: Chelsea Nesvig
Law, Economics and Public Policy Home Page

Mathematical Thinking & Visualization

Price (Faculty Coordinator), Bodle, DanbyGroom, Hillyard, JungLopez, Turner, Twinam 
Research Librarian: Alyssa Berger
Mathematical Thinking and Visualization Home Page

Media & Communication Studies

Gustafson (Faculty Coordinator), Allen, Berliner, Bodle, Brooks, FriedbergHarewood, Hsu, Krabill, Lerum, MartinMilutisShimabukuro, Spiegler, Sugano, TangToft, Tonacchio, Van Galen, Vaughan, Vinyard, Yum 
Research Librarian: Nia Lam
Media and Communication Studies Home Page

Science, Technology & Society

Cram (Faculty Coordinator), BerlinerS. Charusheela, CraneHarkewicz, Hartman, Hillyard, NixonPrice, Romero, Servetnick, ShinnemanTangWade, White 
Research Librarian: Rob Estes
Science, Technology and Society Home Page

Society, Ethics & Human Behavior

Anderson (Faculty Coordinator), CarpenterS. Charusheela, Collins, C., Crane, Dana, Danby, Lanza, Lerum, Lichty, NittaNixon, RedwoodSilva, StewartToft, UdellWest 
Research Librarian: Michael Mungin
Society, Ethics, and Human Behavior Home Page


Creative Writing & Poetics

Heuving (Academic Director), AvnisanBorsuk, Brown, Dowling, GluckHiebert, Milutis
Research Librarian: Laura Dimmit
Creative Writing & Poetics Home Page

Cultural Studies

Harewood (Academic Director), Aanerud, Anderson, BarthaBerger, Berliner, Bragin, Burgett, cárdenas, S. Charusheela, CramCrane, Dowling, Gardner, Gustafson, Heuving, Kochis, Krabill, Lanza, LerumMurr, Padilla, Power-SotomayorQuiray TagleRoberts, Shayne, Toft 
Research Librarian: Laura Dimmit
Cultural Studies Home Page

Policy Studies

Nitta (Academic Director), Bellamy, Carlisle, Collins, C., Dolšak, GroomHill, HillyardJacoby, JungKochis, Lichty, Stokes, TurnerTwinam, WalshWest 
Research Librarian: Chelsea Nesvig
Policy Studies Home Page