Faculty and Staff

Nives Dolšak

Affiliate Professor

B.A. Economics, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia University
Ph.D. Joint Ph.D. in Public Policy and International Relations, Indiana University, Bloomington

Email: nives@uw.edu
Website: http://faculty.washington.edu/nives/


I believe that formal education should equip students with conceptual tools as well as train them to apply these tools to practical issues. The nature of IAS provides ample opportunities to accomplish this dual goal. I impart knowledge through multiple routes. My lectures focus on theoretical and conceptual issues as well as on their policy implications. I use simulation games to illustrate both theoretical issues as well as the use of policy instruments. Rather than passively studying the presented material, my students take an active role in the learning process. They engage in individual and group research projects on topics close to their interests. I require that my students regularly write me memos in which they reflect on and critique the required readings. I provide regular feedback on these memos and incorporate them in our in-class discussions. For me, teaching is a life-long opportunity to learn from my students and their work.

Recent Courses Taught

I split my teaching between the School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, University of Washington Bothell and the School of Marine and Environmental Affairs, University of Washington Seattle. I teach graduate courses in the following areas: Public policy analysis (BPOLST503; SMEA509), Public policy process (BPOLST500), Research design (BPOLST594), International organizations and ocean management (SMEA507), Governmental responses to global climate change (SMEA521), and Economic Development and the Environment (SMEA530). Prior to coming to University of Washington, I taught at Indiana University-Bloomington. There, I taught courses on Environmental and Energy Policy.


I examine institutional challenges in governing common pool resources at multiple levels of aggregation. I analyze applicability of tradable permits for managing natural common-pool resources of various spatial extents. With a multidisciplinary group of colleagues, I embarked on a joint effort to better understand factors affecting sustenance of common property arrangements in the past and challenges for the future. Two edited volumes were published as a result of this joint effort. The first volume, "The Drama of the Commons", provided a fairly detailed analysis of theoretical advancements made in the last 15 years and provocative research suggestions for researchers. The second volume, "The Commons in the New Millennium: Challenges and Adaptation", analyzed new challenges that owners, managers, policy makers, and analysts face in managing natural commons, such as forests, water resources, and fisheries. With Professor Daniel Jaffe and Professor Lyatt Jaegle, both at University of Washington, I analyze the importance of trans-Pacific air pollution for attainment of the National Ambient Air Quality Standards and examine various domestic and international policy options for mitigating the above effects. My other research includes a study of factors affecting countries' decision to cooperate in international regimes, in particular, in the Kyoto Protocol, and an examination of interlinkages between local and global air pollution.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles:
Nives Dolšak and Kristen Houston. 2014. “Newspaper Coverage and Climate Change Legislative Activity across US States.” Global Policy, 5(3): 286-297.

Nives Dolšak and Emily C. Bowerman.  2013. “Do We Know Each Other? Bilateral Ties and the Location of Clean Development Mechanism Projects.”  Climatic Change, 118 (34): 521-536. 

Nives Dolšak. 2013. “Climate Change Policies in the Transitional Economies of Europe and Eurasia.” Voluntas, 24 (2): 382-402.

Nives Dolšak and Karen Sampson. 2012. “Diffusion of Market Instruments: The Case of Air Pollution.” Administration and Society. 44(3): 310-342.

Nives Dolšak and Elinor Ostrom (editors). 2003. The Commons in the New Millennium: Challenges and Adaptation. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press. (2nd Printing)

Elinor Ostrom, Thomas Dietz, Nives Dolšak, Paul Stern, Susan Stonich, and Elke Weber (editors). 2002. The Drama of the Commons. Washington D.C.: National Academy Press.