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Sarah Dowling, Gregory Laynor, and Alice Pedersen present at the American Comparative Literature Association

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images.jpgMarch 31, 2015 - IAS faculty members Sarah Dowling, Gregory Laynor, and Alice Pedersen all presented at the annual conference of the American Comparative Literature Association.  Dowling and Laynor presented in the "Sound and Performance in Poetry of the Americas" seminar, with talks on "Animating Dead Languages: Rachel Zolf's Bungee" (Dowling) and "Scream: Yoko Ono's Instruction Poetry and the Sounds of Reading" (Laynor).  Pederson convened and chaired a seminar on “(M)othering the Transatlantic: Representations of Motherhood in a Transatlantic Context.”  Her contribution to the seminar was “Of Monsters and Mothers: Considering the Female Gothic from the Perspective of Slavery.”