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Gregory Laynor presents at “The Racial Imaginary” conference

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jarrett-lisa-sample.jpgMarch 16, 2015 - IAS PIP Fellow Gregory Laynor presented his research at the “Thinking Its Presence: The Racial Imaginary” conference at the University of Montana.  He contributed to "Infiltrate What Exists, Innovate What Doesn't", a panel with Ricardo Dominguez, Eunsong Kim, and Bhanu Kapil.  Laynor’s talk, "'Another Kind of Love': Queer Intermedia and Race," focused on artist William Pope.L's Another Kind of Love: John Cage's "Silence," By Hand, a hand transcription and collaborative reading of John Cage's 1961 book, Silence, included in the 2013 exhibition, Radical Presence: Black Performance in Contemporary Art. The talk discusses Pope.L's work as a mode of what José Muñoz termed "queer intermedia," art practices that are "interdisciplinary in relation to both art-making protocols and taxonomies of race, gender, and sex."