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Ursula Valdez keynote speaker at the 2017 UW Teaching and Learning Symposium

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IAS faculty member Ursula Valdez was one of the keynote speakers at the 2017 UW Teaching and Learning Symposium on “Building Inclusive Classroom Communities.”  Valdez’s talk focused on her work to open her classroom to international online interactions. In this case, students from UW Bothell and from a Peruvian university shared knowledge and ideas to tackle environmental issues affecting the Pacific Northwest and Peru. Valdez's work is part of the Collaborative Online Interactive Learning (COIL) initiative that aims to open in-classroom opportunities for global education.

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IAS Faculty Members Present at the UW Teaching and Learning Symposium

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Three IAS faculty members presented at 2016 Teaching and Learning SymposiumUrsula Valdez  presented “Assessing Group Dynamics and Efficiency of Collaborative Assignments” in collaboration with Jeff Jensen from STEM, and “From Cascades to Andes: A Collaborative Online International Learning Experience”. ...

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Ursula Valdez Connects Students in Bothell and Peru through Social Media

IAS faculty member Ursula Valdez is featured in a new article prepared by Office of the Provost and IT about her work on the UW-Peru collaboration (Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences course BIS 490). The article shows...

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IAS faculty members present at the 2015 Teaching and Learning Symposium

IAS faculty members presented at 2015 Teaching and Learning SymposiumGary CarpenterDeborah Jacoby, and Julie Shayne all presented in their capacity as Community Based Learning and Research Fellows

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Ron Krabill and Ursula Valdez participate in COIL conference

IAS faculty members Ron Krabill and Ursula Valdez joined a UW team led by Director of Global Initiatives Natalia Dyba at the annual Collaborative Online International Learning  (COIL) conference.

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