Alka Kurian publishes "Solidarity Through Dissidence: Violence and Community in Indian Cinema”

cover of Dissident Friendships

IAS faculty member Alka Kurian published a chapter, "Solidarity Through Dissidence: Violence and Community in Indian Cinema,” in Dissident Friendships: Imperialism, Feminism and Transnational Solidarity, edited by Elora Chowdhury and L. Philipose (University of Illinois Press, 2016). Kurian’s chapter examines cinematic portrayal of dissident friendships, in particular among women, located across differences of class, caste, faith, and ideological positions, expressed particularly during moments of extreme crisis. Kurian investigates cinematic narratives set against two of the most challenging periods in the history of contemporary India: the 2002 anti-Muslim attacks in Gujarat and the 1970s suppression of the Naxalite movement.