Organizational Excellence and Human Resources Management

Hourly (Temporary) Staffing

The content of this page is intended for internal staff of the UW Bothell. Applicants interested in Hourly/Temporary employment should visit the UW Human Resources web site

Please follow the process below for temporary staff (non-student hourly) hires including new assignments, re-assignments, and new hires.

Hourly Staff Hiring Process

At least three (3) days prior to taking any hiring action, send an email to the UWB Human Resources Director with the following information:

  • Job Description of the temporary duties to be performed
  • Resume of the potential temporary candidate
  • Proposed payroll title/job code for the position
  • Proposed hourly rate of pay (using the appropriate pay range) Visit for job specifications and pay scales.
  • Start date for the assignment
  • Approximate end date for the assignment
  • Approximate number of hours to be worked per week
  • Budget number to be charged

Ask the potential candidate to log onto the UWHires system and set up a candidate profile in the system (if he/she has not already done so) and apply to a specific position (use Requisition 1791 for temporary work). The candidate MUST also complete the on-line Criminal History Assessment.

An Employment Specialist will review job duties and candidate qualifications, verify appropriate payroll titles, complete any required background checks, and review all other information. Once an approval to hire has been received, the supervisor will be notified along with UWB Payroll Coordinator in Finance and Administration. Completing payroll paperwork (W4, I-9, etc.) should be coordinated through the Payroll Coodinator.

Maximum Hours Limit

It is the hiring department's responsibility to ensure that temporary hourly staff do not work beyond their maximum number of hours (from date of first temporary hire-hours are reset to zero on that anniversary date each year). It is especially critical to track hours if the hourly worker has had more than one job assignment during the year. In order to ensure the full compliance with the state's 1,050 hour limitation pertaining to temporary workers, temporary hourly employment will be limited to 950 hours unless the assignment of additional hours is pre-approved. To discuss a possible extension of hours, please contact the UWB Human Resources Director at least two weeks before the 950 hour limit has been reached.

Private Temporary Staffing Agency Hires

The UW contracts with over 20 temporary staffing agencies offering temporary clerical and other types of temporary employees. The University has established a common set of standards and processes for the contracted agencies including an agreement to work within 950 hour rule. This means supervisors no longer need to contact agencies to get three bids before making an agency hire. All requests for private temporary agency assistance must be placed through UTemp Staffing using the on-line order form: or by calling (206) 543-3652.

Temporary Professional Staff Hires

Temporary hires for professional staff positions (both hourly paid and monthly paid) will follow the same basic process above, but are not limited to the 1050 hour rule. Please allow at least one week processing time for making professional temporary hires.

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