Living-Learning Communities


The University of Washington Living-Learning Communities (LLC) program is a joint partnership between Student and Residential Life and the Center for University Studies and Programs (CUSP). Under the leadership of these units, the LLC program will seek out additional partners to create an engaging and intellectually rich experience for students living in campus housing that will extend student learning outside of the classroom and into the everyday lives of first year students. These theme based communities will integrate curricular and co-curricular experiences that will enhance the social and personal growth of residents.

Students will enjoy the usual perks of living in campus housing, but will also benefit from living with other students who share similar interests. Students will have a greater opportunity to get to know their faculty and develop a span sense of community among their peers. LLC students will also be able to register for their Discovery Core classes prior to other students and will have access to specialized programs and activities. In addition, LLC students will have the additional academic support that comes with group study sessions.

Global Learning

Residents studyingGlobal Learning: This community is intended to challenge and motivate students, whose interests, experiences, and aspirations have a span international and multi-cultural component, including students planning international majors/minors, interested in international business, study abroad or international service. The community includes students from countries all around the world that are interested in a mutual exchange of culture and ideas. Global Learning is an excellent environment for international students to experience the United States.

Science and Technology

Science and Technology: This residential community is for students who have a passion for innovation and discovery in the fields of science and technology. This community welcomes students interested in environmental, biological, and health sciences, as well us electrical engineering, math, physics, computing & software systems, and video game technology.  What all of these fields share are scientific habits of mind – curiosity, skepticism, investigation – that build new and innovative ideas.  In addition to sharing a residence hall, all S&T students will take the same 5-credit Discovery Core I course: “Myth Busters: Is That Really True?”   The course (much like the television show of similar name) will turn a skeptical eye to common myths, urban legends, and other ideas of dubious origin to practice the habits of questioning, testing, and research in areas of students’ main interest.  Students will also be enrolled in a year-long, 2-credit seminar, led by peer-mentors, which will focus on effective study habits in the sciences, getting to know campus resources, exploring majors and careers, connecting with community resources and other supportive backing for students interested in any S&T major.  The Resident Advisor for the community will also focus on providing opportunities for social activities of interest to the residents, in the past this has included everything from trips to local museums, cooking classes, and a night out at Gameworks!

This is an amazing opportunity to connect formally and informally with faculty and peers who can help guide your interests, share a community with others learning in the same fields, and have fun hanging out with video games in the community room, taking a trip to the zoo, or making liquid nitrogen ice cream after dinner!

FAQ's about Living-Learning Communities

Do LLC’s require any work over the summer?

No.  The first events will be during orientation week.  You may be contacted over the summer to join an email list or social media site and start meeting the rest of the group informally online. 

Do I have to take a class to be a part of a LLC?

Yes. During fall quarter all participants will take a 5 or 10 credit Discovery Core course together.  All first-year students are required to take a Discovery Core, so you will simply be filling that requirement with a pre-determined class, and have the extra bonus of living very near potential study partners! You will also be enrolled in a 2-credit seminar that will meet fall and winter.  This 2-credit class will be on a credit/no credit basis (not graded) and will primarily be a resource to help you succeed in college, meet faculty and current students in the LLC disciplines, learn about opportunities in undergraduate research and visit LLC related sites and events (like the Pacific Science Center, the Museum of Flight) around the region.  You will be registered for 3 Credit, Faculty led class in the spring that will introduce the concept of service learning.

What are the benefits of joining a LLC?
  • A community of peers and roommates with similar interests.
  • You will share at least one class, and probably more, with many in the community, making it easy to form study groups in your residence.
  • A dedicated faculty member, advisor, peer-mentor, and librarian work directly with the LLC students and provide access to extra resources to help you succeed in your first year.
  • Early involvement in student groups, preparing you for future leadership roles and offering resume building opportunities.
  • The LLC residence halls will have extra funding for cool events like field trips, community dinners, and whatever activities you want to help design!
How will the LLC affect my grades and course load?

All students, regardless of whether or not they live in campus housing or join a LLC, will take a Discovery Core in the fall quarter, so this is no different than any other student. 
The additional 2-credit seminar will not count toward your GPA, but will count on your total credits earned, and will require some extra time beyond your normal course load. 
There 3-credit spring course that will count towards your GPA and will require some time out of class.

What have past students said about being in the Living-Learning Community?

From the Fall 2013 LLC Community:

  • “The events and trips have definitely been effective to bring students together”
  • “It was really easy to make friends.”
  • “Becoming a scientist or not, the concept of learning is universal.  This class helped me question the information I am given.  No information is absolute, it is up to us to expand it!”
  • “I have definitely become more aware of resources on campus! My study skills have steadily been improving and I’ve set up quite a few study sections already.”
  • “I think being part of the LLC has made it easier for me to meet other students that may have the same majors/interests that I do.”
  • “I feel like a more active thinker.”

LLC Peer Instructor
Claire is the LLC Peer Instructor for the 2014-15 Academic Year!