Bachelor of Arts in Health Studies

Current Students

Welcome to the School of Nursing and Health Studies! We are pleased that you are here and encourage you to participate in every aspect of the school and the UW Bothell campus.

Taking responsibility for your education is a key component in your success! For example, your academic progression, use of university resources, adhering to university policies and procedures are some of the many areas as a student, you need to be informed of and follow. To help with navigating your major and the university, this page provides an overview of student responsibilities and connects you to many of the commonly utilized campus resources and information.

An example of Health Studies student responsibilities include:

  • Knowing and understanding degree requirements.
  • Keeping track of your own progress and updating your major checklist on a quarterly basis.
  • Checking your UW email regularly.
  • Filing a graduation application three quarters in advance of graduation.
  • Realistically planning a credit load against other obligations (work, family, etc.).
  • Communicating with your advisor and professors if anything comes up that impacts your academic performance or successful completion of the program.
  • Ensuring that you are registered for the correct courses and number of credits to meet your timeline of graduation.
  • Being compliant with the UW Conduct Code.

The list above is not exhaustive, so when in doubt, ask! Your Health Studies advisor is here to assist you. We recommend checking in with your advisor once a quarter or more as needed via phone, email, or an in person meeting. You also have access to many other valuable campus resources. You can find a full list of current student resources here: