Congratulations to the 2014 Scholarship Recipients!

Miriam Bartha - Modern Languages Association Annual Meeting

Emily Ferguson - Internalized Sexism and White Privilege Workshop

Tami Garrard - Internalized Sexism and White Privilege Workshop

Rachael Gilchrist - NAFSA: Association of International Educators Conference

"For me, attending the NAFSA conference was intense, inspirational and educational. During the 4-day conference, I attended 9 presentations, 2 plenary talks, 2 poster fairs, and hours meeting and interacting with folks from all over the world at the Exposition. I was inspired by talks from Malcolm Gladwell, Caroline Kennedy, and Shiza Shahid. Finally, I learned a lot about what other schools around the world are doing to better serve and meet the needs of international students through the poster fairs and presentations that I attended, and I look forward to implementing some of those nuggets in how I work and advise international students, as well as sharing that information with my colleagues."


Muriel Montenegro - Super ACAC Conference

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