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Available Graduate Courses

Graduate students are encouraged to explore elective coursework in areas outside of their program. Below we have listed some courses that are open to all graduate students, regardless of their program. Be sure to check Time Schedule for

Summer 2014


B BUS 514 Business Communications for Leaders (4 cr)
B Term, T/TH, 5:30-9:50 pm at Eastside Leadership Center in Bellevue; Instructor: Mary McGuire
Focuses on making written and spoken communications effective and authentic, using case studies of several communication challenges that occur in organizations. Teaches how successful communication is both intentional and strategic; and how to formulate communication goals, understand your audience, and use the correct approach in each situation.

B BUS 544 Negotiations (4cr)
A Term, M/W, 5:30-9:50 pm; Instructor: Pete Nye
Examines the theory and processes of negotiation. Includes a broad spectrum of negotiation problems.


UW Center for Multicultural Education
Special Guest Lecturer Dr. Tyrone Howard, UCLA
Race, Class, Gender and Social Inequality
Meets over two weeks,  July 21- August 1, M-F 1:10 - 4:30 (Seattle campus)

BEDUC 515 Perspectives on Curriculum Integration (3 cr)
6/30 - 7/17 from 9:00 - 11:40 am; Instructor: Jean Eisele
Explores various means of developing integrative curriculum. Develops familiarity with existing methods of integrating curriculum and, by expanding the understanding of integration, to develop new methods. Studies approaches to integration within a single subject and between subjects will be developed into useable plans.

BEDUC 520 Current Issues: Multicultural Education - Race, Class, Gender, and School Inequality (3 cr)
MTWTHF 1:10-4:30 pm; Instructor: Guest Faculty
Education has been viewed as one of the most viable and effective routes to upward mobility in the United States.  An educated citizenry has also been seen as a key element in the maintenance of democracy.  However, access to public education has not always been available to all segments of our society. This course will attempt to provide students with a basis for understanding the educational experiences of different groups in the United States.  We will focus extensively on the following groups: African Americans, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, Chicanas/os/Latinas/os, Native Americans, women, and low-income White Americans.  The experience of these groups in U.S. public schools and their efforts to utilize education to improve their socio-economic status will serve as the focus for the course.

BEDUC 541 Second Language Acquisition, Bilingual Education, and the Structure of English (5 cr)
7/9 – 8/8, M/W/F from 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm; Instructor: Karen Gourd
Focuses on theories in second language acquisition, bilingual education, and the structure of English. Topics include research, practice, and connections between language, literacy, cultural traditions, identity, and education in preparation for teaching ELLs in general education of classes specifically for ELLs.

BEDUC 567 Telling Our Stories as Teachers: Digital Storytelling as Reflective Practice (5 cr)
7/7 - 7/18, M/W/F 10:00 am - 4:00 pm; Instructor: Jane Van Galen
Uses multi-media tools to weave the complex voices, images, and energy of classrooms to create digital stories as teachers. Through, software tutorials, work-shopping of writing, peer review of emerging projects, and production time, students learn more about themselves as teachers while also learning about technologies that can be used in classrooms.

*To register for any of the Education courses, please contact the instructor with a request for an add code.

Nursing/Health Studies:

BNURS 513 Theories and Methods of Teaching and Learning (3cr)
F 12:30-3:20 pm; Instructor: Jerelyn Resnick
Addresses theories and methods of teaching and learning, tools and resources, role development, and current issues faced by those who teach in higher education and staff development. Includes practice and evaluation of strategies. To register please contact and advisor at 425-352-3238.

BNURS 597 Selected Topics: The Illness Memoir (3cr)
F 8:30-11:20 am; Intructor: Elayne Puzan
Literary genre that takes students beyond the quantifiable biology of illness to the depths of its complex biography. Select a memoir from a recommended list to guide lectures, conversations, writings, and classroom activities that expand our understanding of the lived experience of being ill.

BHS 497 Health Topics
Various courses, see Time Schedule for listings.

Autumn 2014

Computing and Software Systems:

CSS 514 Secruity, Policy, Ethics, and the Legal Environment (2cr)
M 8:00-10:00 pm; Instructor: TBD
Addresses ethical, legal, and policy frameworks within which information assurance and secure development lifecycle professionals must practice. Covers ethical, moral, legal and policy issues related to computers and telecommunications systems, such as how they impact privacy, fair information practices, equity, content control, and freedom of electronic speech.

CSS 517 Information Assurance and the Secure Development Lifecycle (5cr)
T/TH 5:45-7:45 pm; Instructor: Mark Kochanski
Covers the foundations of Information Assurance (IA) and the Secure Development Lifecycle (SDL) needed to understand and apply best practices for development and on-going support of secure software systems in organizations. Uses workshops and applied project to practice methods and create artifacts important to IA principles.
*Contact CSS for registration assistance.

IAS - Policy Studies & Cultural Studies:

BPOLST 583 Issues in Environmental Policy: International Organizations and Ocean Management (5cr)
M/W 10:30-11:50 am; Instructor: Nives Dolsak
Analyzes current policy issues in the complex and every changing arena of environmental policy.

BPOLST 591/BCULST 591 Research Colloquium (1cr)
9/30, 10/7, 11/4 4:00-5:30 pm; Instructors: varied
Provides an opportunity for graduate students and faculty members to exchange research ideas, present findings, discuss analytical methods and tools, and evaluate the implications of the presented research. Credit/no-credit only.

BCULST 593A Topics in Cultural Studies: Writing the Americas (5cr)
W 5:45-10:00 pm; Instructor: Sarah Dowling
Explores in depth specific historical, political, or social aspects of cultural practice, such as digital humanities, the culture and the environment, or arts as cultural studies, and links this analysis to the varied processes of producing these types of cultural work.

BCULST 593B Topics in Cultural Studies: Cultural Interventions for Health Equity and Social Change (5cr)
W 5:45-10:00 pm; Instructor: Carrie LanzaExplores in depth specific historical, political, or social aspects of cultural practice, such as digital humanities, the culture and the environment, or arts as cultural studies, and links this analysis to the varied processes of producing these types of cultural work.