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Available Graduate Courses

Graduate students are encouraged to explore elective coursework in areas outside of their program. Below we have listed some courses that are open to all graduate students, regardless of their program. Be sure to check Time Schedule for more information.

Winter 2015


BBUS 590D Special Topics: Business of Commercial Aviation

Meets 1/16 from 6-9 PM; 1/17 from 9-1; 1/23 from 6-9 PM in UW1-040

This one-credit MBA course provides an overview of the commercial aviation industry. First, the course explores the key forces of the external aviation environment such as industry deregulation, emerging markets, and e-commerce. Second, it examines different strategic models used by airlines. Finally, it examines some different tactical responses such as dynamic pricing, global distribution systems and ancillary product lines.

The class will rely on lectures, assigned readings, videos, case discussions, Canvas Discussion Board posts, and a final case presentation as key learning tools.

In order to prepare for the class, each student will be expected to spend about eight hours on outside reading assignments and videos, four hours on individual case summaries, and eight hours on the various case assignments

BBUS 590E Special Topics: Search Engine Marketing

Meets 2/14 from 9-a; 2/20 from 6-9PM; 2/21 from 9-12.

Search is fundamental to interactive marketing. Search engines act as intermediaries that connect seekers of information with providers of content. Since the web is a vast sea of content, search engines continue to be the primary vehicle to access such content. Naturally, advertisers are increasingly spending a significant proportion of their marketing budgets on search engine marketing. The addition of new devices (e.g., tablets) and mobile access of content further increases the importance of marketing vis search engines.

This course is a hands-on experiential learning course that meets for two 4- hour sessions. No pre-requisites are assumed. All UW graduate students are welcome.

Educational Studies

B EDUC 507 Reviewing the Literature (3cr)
Explores how to locate, analyze, and synthesize professional literature on a topic and how to assemble the resources necessary to write a review of that literature. Supports critical literature review application of knowledge product for program completion dossier.

B EDUC 508 Early Literacy Development and Instruction (3cr)
Builds an understanding of how young children (ages 4-8) develop literate behaviors, and how teachers can support this development. Explores emergent literacy behaviors, oral language development, building a literate identity, phonemic awareness, decoding, reading comprehension, spelling, and writing.

B EDUC 474 Global Englishes (5cr) I&S, DIV
Explores the spread of the English language as a global language and the development of local varieties of English. Examines ways in which people use and appropriate English for their own purposes in various contexts and analyze the diverse beliefs and ideologies that people hold about English.

B EDUC 475 Global Perspectives on Diversity and Citizenship Education (3cr) I&S, DIV
Explores the relationship between diversity and citizenship education in a select group of nation-states. Discusses challenges experienced by citizens in those nation-states as the nations respond to diversity while trying to maintain national cohesion.

B EDUC 491 Special Topics in Education – Filmmaking and animation in the classroom'

IAS - Policy Studies & Cultural Studies

BCULST 589A Topics in Global Cultural Studies: Culture & Resistance in the Americas (5cr)
MW 5:45-7:45 pm; Instuctor: Julie Shayne
Links a specific area of study, such as hip hop, YouTube, or garbage, to global cultural studies and the methodologies of visual, material, textual, or arts-based research.

BCULST 589B / BPOLST 593B Topics in Global Cultural Studies/Topics in Policy Studies: Development and Globalization (5cr)
W 5:45-10:00 pm; Instructor: Ben Gardner

BPOLST 591 / BCULST 591 Research Colloquium (1cr)
9/30, 10/7, 11/4 4:00-5:30 pm; Instructors: varied
Provides an opportunity for graduate students and faculty members to exchange research ideas, present findings, discuss analytical methods and tools, and evaluate the implications of the presented research. Credit/no-credit only.

BCULST 593A Topics in Cultural Studies: Alternate Economies - Cultural Studies and Postcapitalist Futures (5cr)
M 5:45-10:00 pm; UW Seattle campus, Instructor: S. Charusheela
Explores in depth specific historical, political, or social aspects of cultural practice, such as digital humanities, the culture and the environment, or arts as cultural studies, and links this analysis to the varied processes of producing these types of cultural work.

BPOLST 593A Topics in Policy Studies: U.S. Foreign Policy in the Middle East
W 5:45-10:00 pm; Instructor: Karam Dana
Examines the changing arena of policy. Topics are relevant to current issues and may include the following: policy and gender; transportation policy in Puget Sound; policies of aging; and environmental policy.


BNURS 597B  Special Topics: Radical Solutions for Healthcare (3cr)
F 8:30-11:20 am; Instructor: Elayne Puzan
Ideal for grad students interested in leadership, education, special populations, community activism or clinical practice who want to learn some of the latest lessons from brain research, disruptive innovation, failed experiments, impossible dreaming and other cutting-edge sources that can help resolve some of the urgent problems of 21st century healthcare delivery. Students will put theory into practice by identifying a project that addresses their specific professional interests and concerns.  Open to graduate students from all UW programs.