Graduate Student Hub

Available Graduate Courses

Graduate students are encouraged to explore elective coursework in areas outside of their program. Below we have listed some courses that are open to all graduate students, regardless of their program. Be sure to check Time Schedule for more information.

Spring 2016


B EDUC 521 – Using Multicultural Literature in the Classroom
3 cr, T 4:30-7 pm, Instructor TBD

B EDUC 544 – Leadership, Advocacy, and Program Assessment in ESOL
5 cr, W 5:45-9:45, Gourd

B EDUC 566 – Education and Technology
3 cr, W 4:30 - 7 pm, Van Galen

Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences

BCULST 584 Topics in Media Culture: #MediaPraxis: Politics, Participation, and Practice for a Digital Present
5 cr, W 5:45 - 10:00 pm, Berliner

BCULST 585 Topics in Cultural Activism and Advocacy: Trans of Color Poetics
5 cr, M 5:45 - 10:00 pm, cárdenas

BPOLST 581 Issues in Human Rights Policy: Human Rights and Sustainable Development
5 cr, M/W 3:30 - 5:30 pm, Kochis

BPOLST 583 Issues in Environmental Policy: Conservation and Sustainable Development
5 cr, M 5:45 - 10:00 pm, Groom

BPOLST/BCULST 591 Research Colloquium
1 cr, class meets 3 times from 4:00 - 5:30 pm; presenters include IAS faculty members Gary Carpenter, Amy Lambert, and Becca Price. Burgett/Stokes. Presentation descriptions are available on Research Colloquium page.

BPOLST/BCULST 595 Grantwriting and Grantmanship
2 cr, Class meets Saturdays (dates TBD) from 9:30am-2:00pm